This year, we celebrate the 40th birthday of Odense International Film Festival. When OFF was established back in 1975, the festival was an animation film festival and maintained that focus up until 1983, when short films of all genres were allowed to enter the competition. The pre-screening requirements were a bit different back then: Where animation films in the 70s and 80s had to be inspired by the fairy tales of Hans Christian Andersen to qualify, today, the storyteller has retired as source of inspiration as the animation film in itself can have a particularly strong narrative.

This was acknowledged by the Oscar Academy late 2014 as OFF was granted the Oscar-qualifying seal of approval to award the winner of the OFF/ANIS Børge Ring Award, meaning that the winning film from this day forward would be be screened by the pre-selection jury at the Academy Awards. This acknowledgement of talent might be one reason why this genre is extremely popular among audiences and we are proud to be able to present yet another diverse and appetizing selection at OFF16.

Imagination, the strong narrative, digital visionaries, humour, the quirky, the moving, the horrifying and the absurd are all feelings that you can experience in this year’s animation film selection. The animated film always presents the viewer with a singular creative vision, and we are delighted to have the opportunity to show you animation short films from all over the world! Greece, Israel, Canada and everything in between are represented in the competition.

The Børge Ring Award

The Børge Ring Award goes to the best animated film in the Main Competition, both Danish as well as International films are eligible to receive the award. The prize is an OFF diploma and a cheque for €2000.

Animation Talent Award

The Danish Animation Society will be awarding the Talent Award to the maker of an extraordinary short film in the animation genre. Only Danish animators can be considered for this award and the prize can be given to both new and established talents. The winner will receive an OFF diploma and a cheque for €1350.