Much is being said and written today about the short film genre: that it is thriving in our digital age, where online platforms offer the short format new life and new audiences; that it is struggling to maintain its time-honoured position as a striking calling-card for upcoming filmmakers when other, new mediums such as webisodes are giving it a run for its money. It is testament to the longevity and potency of the short film that it continues to inspire discussion. This year’s Main Competition program shouldn’t leave any doubt in the viewer’s mind – the short film is alive and well, and as multifarious a genre as ever! OFF15 offers a wild, wide range of short films from directors from many different countries and of all varieties: there are documentaries, fiction films, animated stories and everything in between, chronicling the anatomy of places, and of bodies, and the bottomless depths of the human psyche.

The films will all go through a strict selection process and 60-75 will made the cut. You can watch them all in our competition programmes. It is time for the final exam as our international jury will start the review process and deliberate to find the recipient of OFF’s official awards: OFF Grand Prix The HCA Award, OFF Storyteller Award and OFF Artist Award.

The programmes marked with U are for youths above the age of 14.

HCA Award

OFF’s Grand Prix. The award goes to the best film in the main competition. The winner will receive an OFF diploma and a cheque for €10.000, sponsored by HCA Festivals.

The Storyteller Award

The award goes to the film with the most powerful storyteller. The prize consists of an OFF diploma and a cheque for €2000.

The Artist Award

The award goes to the film with the strongest artistic expression. The prize consists of an OFF diploma and a cheque for €2000.


See the jury of the Main Competition here.