We are thrilled welcome you at our festival and show you not only a week full of fantastic films but also one of the greatest and oldest cities of Denmark.

Odense International Film Festival welcomes anyone to join the festivities of the festival in week 35. All screenings are free and open to everyone. We do recommend reserving tickets for the screenings in advance.

The festival area is located in Brandts Klædefabrik in the center of Odense. All screening venues are situated within this area.

Below you will find a guide to activities on and OFF the festival grounds – we hope you will enjoy yourself immensely during your stay and explore the city as well as the film festival.

How to get to OFF:

By train: Take the train to Odense Station and walk to the hotel or directly to the festival area (1 km). (See map below). You can also take the free city bus from the train station directly to the festival area. All city buses start from area F and they are easy to recognise as they are pink. The bus leaves every 10 minutes Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm. Saturday it runs from 11 am to 4 pm. Get off at Pantheonsgade just opposite of Cafe biografen where most scrrenings are held.

From CPH (Kastrup Airport): Take the train directly from the arrival terminal. Tickets can be bought in the vending machines or at the ticket counter. When you arrive at Odense Station, the hotel/festival area is within walking distance. (See map below)

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Festival Activities in English
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Activities outside of the festival

Read the local guide http://www.thisisodense.dk/en

And the official guide http://www.visitodense.com/ln-int/odense/visitodense


Take a bike ride http://cibi.dk/dincykelby/odense-tourist-city-bike/

Take the boat up the river http://www.aafart.com/

Take I dip in Havnebadet http://www.thisisodense.dk/en/place/2151/havnebadet


Guests with accreditation:

All guests with an accreditation for the festival should announce their arrival at the Headquarters of the festival at Kulturmaskinen, Farvergården 7, where they will receive their badge and a welcome kit.

For guests with a film in the competition programme:

We ask that all directors or other film representatives participate in Q&A’s after the screenings of their film. Please reserve tickets for the screenings that you are able to join. Search for your film here: http://www.filmfestival.dk/en/film/ to check out the screening times and reserve tickets.

For guests participating as a guest/presenter in one of the Focus Programmes:

Please announce your arrival in the festival headquarters at least 30 minutes before the programme begins for a final brief. If you need anything specific for your presentation, please contact us as soon as possible.

For guests participating in the talent programme: OFFspring:

A special programme has been put together for you. Please announce your arrival at the Headquarters Monday before 5 pm.

Activities for accreditated guests
Discounts on meals and drinks

Den Smagløse Café http://densmagloesecafe.dk/

Cafe Biografen http://en.brandtsklaedefabrik.dk/butik/cafe-biografen/

Mona Lisa http://www.ristorantemonalisa.dk/

Café Chino’s http://en.brandtsklaedefabrik.dk/butik/cafe-chino/

Café Cukoos Nest http://cuckoos.dk/

Kong Volmer http://en.brandtsklaedefabrik.dk/butik/kong-volmer/

Fredos http://en.brandtsklaedefabrik.dk/butik/fredos-coffee-right/

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact guest coordinator Nicole Kjærsgaard

+45 65512837