Intensive International Film Camp!

For the 8th year in a row, Talent Camp Odense (TCO) presents a week-long film camp, where participants will be offered an intense programme consisting of seminars and masterclasses during the festival. TCO is more than ready to welcome film talents from all of Scandinavia and large parts of Europe.

When it comes to TCO, Odense Filmværksted has a clear philosophy. They want to create a once-in-a-lifetime experience for the young film talents involved. It is a place for them to meet like-minded people, make both personal and professional connections, and create a unique European filmmaking network. Furthermore, they will have the chance to be inspired by some of the best people from the film industry through a number of workshops held at Odense Film Workshop.

TCO is the perfect chance for the young talents to immerse themselves in their big passion along with other film talents. During this week, they do not have to worry about deadlines, budgets, and other small problems of everyday life. Talent Camp Odense is an exclusive talent-developing rally that accepts only 30 selected participants into the camp. The participants come from all over Europe.

Talent Camp Odense is sponsored by The Danish Film Institute, Nordisk Film Fond and Odense International Film Festival. A few of Talent Camp Odense’s workshop is open to the public.

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