Dir: Joris Oprins, Marieke Blaauw, Job Roggeveen - 10 min - Netherlands

0068 Sniper’s Nest

Dir: Radu Barbulescu - 20 min - Romania
A sniper is planted inside a top floor apartment to keep the area secured for the ongoing NATO Summit. The owner of the apartment is lying in bed – a half-paralyzed old woman that never talks. When the two of them are left alone together, the old lady makes the sniper an odd request that will change both of their lives.


Dir: Natalia Siwicka - 18 min - Poland
16 minutes and 3 seconds of a young woman’s life. She wakes up, gets dressed, gets in her car. On the road she experiences a strange and unsettling situation that she can’t seem to understand. Being unaware of the danger inside her car, we travel with her emotions.

18, OVER

Dir: Tom-Lee Zigelman - 10 min - Denmark
Two young, female, Israeli soldiers, Noa and Kheli, spend a night together as watchmen. The serious Noa finds Kheli superficial and naive. But when a group of male soldiers starts harassing them over the radio, the two women find common ground. The film is based on true events.

3 Fractures

Dir: Toni Kamula - 15 min - Denmark
Here are three lives governed by power and chance. Each human interaction is defined by a balance of control, and dominance shifts from one person to the next depending on the setting. In the aftermath of an economic crisis, moral dilemmas abound.

9 days – From my window in Aleppo

Dir: Floor van der Meulen, Thomas Vroege - 13 min - The Netherlands, Syria
One morning in August 2012, Syrian photographer Issa Touma saw young men lugging sandbags into his street. It turned out to be the start of the Syrian uprising in the city of Aleppo. Touma grabbed his camera and spent nine days recording what was happening outside.

A Coat Made Dark

Dir: Jack O'Shea - 10 min - Ireland
Two burglars strike it rich after stealing a mysterious coat with pockets containing an impossible fortune. The coat also creates a sinister power struggle between the two, and escalates their noir mutterings in the minor key.


Dir: Mads Guldborg Bøge - 12 min - Denmark
Dad is stressed out. As a single parent of a hyperactive, destructive and omnivorous kid, his only break from everyday life is when he delivers the kid at school.


Dir: Alexandra Slepchuk - 6 min - Russian Federation


Dir: Tornbjerg Gymnasium - 8 min - Denmark

Alle har sgu da et bat

Dir: Ella Rasmussen - 7 min - Denmark
Jannik does his best to fit in among his radicalized right-wing friends. And he is doing a pretty good job until he meets Jens.


Dir: Aleksandra Terpinska - 30 min - Poland
Once upon a time in America two teenagers – Anka and Dzastina – dream about a better life and decide to hitch-hike to get away from boredom. A meant-to-be innocent adventure soon turns into an emotional game and the inseparable friends find themselves in deep water.

Amers Køkken

Dir: Nasra M. Jama og Abbi Moreno - 5 min - Denmark
A portrait of a man with a passion for health and the good life, who wants to introduce Danes to beautiful food.

An Asch Meal

Dir: Nikolas Leventakis - 1 min - Greece
The film is about a social meal. The title is given from Solomon Eliot Asch. Asch was a psychologist most known about his social experiments in which he demonstrated the influence of group pressure on opinions.


Dir: Marie Beltman Matzen, Nanna Lykke - 16 min - Denmark
Andrea is meeting some friends on a Friday night and is forced to confront her paranoia as the sounds and impressions of the night overwhelm her.

Another City

Dir: PHAM NGOC Lan - 25 min - Vietnam
A woman is gazing out of the glass windows. A young man is bursting into tears in a karaoke room. Another woman is trying to wipe a smear off of the wedding dress she’s wearing. Each predicament is woven seamlessly together by a familiar Asian refrain…


Dir: Óscar Bernàcer - 12 min - Spain
Love is a game, and real mastery requires intimate knowledge of every aspect of the rules. But rules are also there to be broken. No risk, no love.

Artist Inside

Dir: Kaspars Bondars - 1 min - Latvia
A construction worker turns a mundane paint job into a work of art. It's a simple story about the artist inside all of us.


Dir: Krzysztof Komander - 19 min - Poland
A young man tries his best to break up with his girlfriend, but everything gets unusually complicated when he gets beaten up and he needs to spend few more days with her in her place.

Bacon & God’s Wrath

Dir: Sol Friedman - 9 min - Canada
Is it loyalty to tradition, or the safety of habit that has stopped a Jewish woman from ever eating a bacon and tomato sandwich? At age 90, it’s time to find out. Mazie reflects on her life’s experiences as she prepares to try bacon for the first time.


Dir: Kunuk Platoú, Valerie e. Saunders - 11 min - Danmark

Between Walls

Dir: Sara Jespersen Holm - 8 min - Denmark
An uninspired father is trapped between the walls trying to write a poem. More and more black crows fill up around him and his young daughter Mille. She is trying to discover her own creativity, but is affected by the crows.


Dir: Hanneriina Moisseinen - 3 min - Findland
It is the summer of 1944, Karelia is being evacuated. When it's time to leave, one of the cows of the house gives birth.

Blood Brothers

Dir: Marco Espírito Santo, Miguel Coimbra - 7 min - Portugal
One night in the life of the Forcados Amadores de Montemor, a bullfighting suicide squad in Portugal, is nothing short of hair-raising. Returning to the biggest arena for the first time without their fallen leader, they must channel his invincible spirit.

With support from the Portuguese Culture Institute Instituto Camões


Dir: Darlene Johnson - 14 min - Australia
Anger builds like a raised fist inside Bluey, a young woman trapped in a life of violence. Until she meets a mystery mentor, who could change everything. But she needs courage, heart and the will to fight for survival.


Dir: Marc Roessler - 5 min - Germany
Bob is a popular artist. He knows his markets and which buttons to push. Despite this, he often feels misunderstood, as an air of gloom surrounds the unveiling of his art, and the funeral procession is never too far behind.

Body Language Zone‬

Dir: Kim Saarinen‬ - 10 min - Finland‬
In four episodes a consultant gives expert advice on body language for the office environment‬


Dir: Andrias Høgenni - 19 min - Denmark
In a desperate attempt to avoid arrest, burglars Gitte and Frank risk committing an even more horrible crime. They thought they were doing a simple breaking-and-entering; instead they’re facing life and death on a winter night.

Business as usual

Dir: Lenn Kudrjawizki - 10 min - Germany
September 11th, many years after the day the world changed and new enmities arose: a fully booked plane is ready to take off. Moinul, an Arab, is on board and the last free seat in economy class is next to him. When a lady enters the plane and refuses to take her seat beside Moinul, conflict threatens to escalate.

Cells’ Amusement Park

Dir: Li ang, Cai caibei - 5 min - China
Platelets and white blood cells are mixing. Like friends, we think looking through the microscope, or enemies. But the body is sustained silently by a force of neither negative nor positive intention. Blood is simply flowing. In the blink of an eye, the cell goes through its whole life and dies silently.


Dir: Måns Berthas - 19 min - Sweden
Harsh midwinter. A frozen marriage reaches new sub zero temperatures in a remote cabin. A man from the past returns to seek revenge, and long lost feelings come alive. A wordless battle begins and the eternal triangle finally comes to an end.


Dir: Andrés Passoni - 8 min - Argentina
Every Sunday greyhound fans take their passion to the dog tracks. The spectators gather attracted by big bets, and they each watch the animals, choosing their favorites carefully hoping to hit the jackpot with the greyhound champion of the day.


Dir: Roger Donaldson - 104 min - USA
A talented New York City bartender takes a job at a bar in Jamaica and falls in love.

Cold Coffee

Dir: Stephanie Lansaque , Francois Leroy - 15 min - France
Saigon, Vietnam. After her mother's death, a young girl has to quit her studies to take over the family cafe. Every day she crushes ice and grinds beans for ice coffee, while loneliness and sorrow gradually makes her confused. And dangerous.


Dir: Vincent Loubère - 15 min - France
Each one in their own apartment, Mitsuko and Daisuke remember. Pain makes time and space contract and shatter, and the past is reduced to a crash of glass and metal on the ground.


Dir: Peter Lopes Andersson - 13 min - Denmark
The girl Dagny lives with her father in a small village where people sacrifice apples to the god Thor, in exchange for protection against the dangerous giants that live in the woods.

Darkest Moon

Dir: Kasper Skovsbøl - 29 min - Denmark
The villagers on the island accuse Anna’s daughter, a beautiful but mysterious girl, of having made a pact with the devil. In a dark moment of fire and doubt, Anna must decide if she wants to protect her daughter, and risk being ostracized, or believe the accusations and sentence her own child to death.


Dir: Søren Peter Langkær Bojsen - 26 min - Denmark
Nikolaj and Sigurd have created Delphi, an app that helps people structure their lives. When the app becomes a world-wide hit Sigurd begins to have second thoughts. Should people really listen to this digital oracle?

Denis and the Zombies

Dir: Vital Philippot - 23 min - France
Mathias takes his friends to shoot a zombie movie in the family countryside house. But the locals don’t seem to appreciate their artistic project, and to make matters worse, Denis, a strange boy from Mathias’ childhood, shows up and becomes increasingly hard to get rid of.

Digital Romance

Dir: Michael Helmuth Hansen - 11 min - Denmark
In Brutal Bullet, a computer game, our hero Kane Skullhead lives by ‘shoot first, ask later’. When a virus infects the computer’s binary system, Kane finds a new, deadly antagonist in the antivirus threatening to take away his beating heart. A chase of life and death has begun. And it will lead him into unchartered territories.


Dir: Christophe M. Saber - 10 min - Switzerland
In a moment of anger, a father loses his temper and disciplines his disobedient child in the middle of a grocery store. A shocked customer immediately intervenes and expresses her concern. Others join the conversation. The conversation quickly changes from discussion to quarrel, and from quarrel to complete chaos.


Dir: Sylwia Gaweł - 16 min - Poland
A collector of exotic reptiles lives in a flat occupied by aquariums and terrariums. Surrounded by the luxuriant plants he once planted, each day he attentively looks after his animals, yet strictly controls their behaviour. But a new arrival disturbs his hard-won balance.


Dir: John Manceau - 4 min - Sweden
The low voice of the Swedish poet Jörgen Lind, the hypnotic music of musician Lars Falk, and stunning archive material. The green is violently green and so is the violent memory of green. Is this our common ancestral memory in sound and image?

Døden i Venedig

Dir: Luchino Visconti - 130 min - Italy
Gustav Von Aschenbach, a composer utterly absorbed in his work, arrives in Venice as a result of a youthfully ardent thirst for distant scenes and there meets a young man by whose beauty he becomes obsessed.

Dreams or demons

Dir: Lisa Svelmøe - 3 min - Denmark
A woman liberates herself from the body image standards of our age.


Dir: Nina Gantz - 10 min - United Kingdom
Edmond is depressed and sitting on the brink of a lake, ready to plunge with a rock tied to his foot. But why? He slips through the floorboards of his mind and travels back through his life, looking for the root of his unhappiness.

Electric Soul

Dir: Joni Männistö - 5 min - Findland
An electrifying view to a buzzing micropolis.

Enemies within

Dir: Selim Azzazi - 28 min - France
What did your father do in the war? In the 90's, during the Algerian civil war, terrorism reaches France. Two men across from each other engage in a battle of words. Every little step is a possible misstep. At stake? The right to be French.


Dir: Georges Schwizgebel - 6 min - Switzerland
A father rides with his son through the forest. The sick child thinks he sees the Erlking, who both charms and frightens him. Based on Goethe’s poem Erlkönig and the music of Schubert/Liszt.


Dir: Gabriel Tzafka - 22 min - Denmark
Euroman is a happy man. His wealthy parents are proud of him. The bank loves him. His life is full of fine dining and online dating. He is running his own innovative, environmentally friendly start-up company. And now he’s heading for a reunion with his friends, the Euromen. But how long until the bubble bursts?


Dir: Alex Garland - 108 min - United Kingdom
A young programmer is selected to participate in a ground-breaking experiment in synthetic intelligence by evaluating the human qualities of a breath-taking humanoid A.I.


Dir: Ulaa Salim - 29 min - Denmark
Adam is irresistibly drawn to an unknown woman. It is as if they’ve known each other all their lives. Everything around him feels different, acts differently. He slowly starts to distance himself from his family, and is drawn more and more towards the woman, while the world around him begins to crumble.


Dir: Chadi Abdul-Karim - 24 min - Denmark
Three teenage boys, Said, Daniel and Osma, are spending one of their usual days in their urban neighbourhood. Days are leading nowhere, filled with boredom, restlessness and too much spare time. On this particular day, one of the boys steal from a local, mentally challenged resident in the ghetto, where the three friends have grown up together.


Dir: Harald Furuholmen - 3 min - Denmark
A young man tries to solve the mystery of what happened to his sister in a nearby forest.


Dir: Tatu Pohjavirta - 5 min - Findland
A naked man stands on a mountain. He leans into the wind and flaps.


Dir: Maris Brinkmanis - 12 min - Latvia
This film is screened in Danish without any English subtitles.


Dir: Nelicia Low - 16 min - Singapore
We all do terrible things when we think that no one is watching. When her distant husband cannot give her the love she desires, the lonely and insecure Hui will do anything to feel loved. Caught in an unusual love triangle with her autistic brother, Hui has found a constant source of comfort.

Front View Of My Father

Dir: Nicoline Skotte Jacobsen - 29 min - Danmark
A daughter has invited her estranged father to participate in different games in a studio to let them both reflect on the divorce that has deprived them of sharing her childhood. A playful and tender experiment, where Danish divorce-culture is turned on its head, and father and daughter meet each other anew.


Dir: Gerhard Funk - 7 min - Germany
Rise into being. Mature. Perish. A creation story is told through a dialogue between two mythological forces – the West and the East. In it the vibrating entities of black and white are constantly being split apart and reconciled by red, in a playful and dramatic choreography of forms and figures.


Dir: Alex Sherwood, Ben Harper, Sean Mullen - 11 min - Ireland
A shipwrecked fisherman finds himself on a strange shore and seeks shelter in a house by the water. Barely knowing his own name from the storm, the house seems full of obscure spirits too, and he is led to a dark secret.

gif and let die

Dir: Yiannis Nikolaidis - 1 min - Greece
Starting from a gif image found online, the video tries to recreate that loop in linear form, trying to imagine a possible beginning and end to it.

Golden Shot

Dir: Gokalp Gonen - 9 min - Turkey
Små maskiner bor i mørket og drømmer om solen. Soldyrkerne passer deres mekaniske huse og skruer elpærer i for at læse, men ønsker sig kun at kigge mod lyset for alvor igen. Måske er lykken så stor, at man kun kan rumme den een gang og så gå til grunde?

Hakuna Matata

Dir: Tarik Al-atti - 7 min - Denmark
A documentary about a local youth initiative Hakuna Matata that aims to better role models.


Dir: Frederik With-Seidelin Skov - 29 min - Denmark
Love of the sport. How else would you explain all the broken noses, cracked ribs, detached retinas and burst eardrums, endured for no prize, no acclaim, no stardom? Here’s one of the nameless players. He fights because it's become a vital part of his identity. And because he doesn't know what to do when he can't fight anymore.

Heart of the Land

Dir: Kaisa Astikainen - 30 min - Finland
A couple runs a small dairy farm somewhere in the heart of the Finnish countryside. The work of generations will soon come to its end, as their retirement is approaching and there's no one left to continue the family tradition. But for one last year everything continues the same; the seasons change, and the days are filled with labor. A film about love for the land, the richness of everyday life, and the sadness of letting go.


Dir: Jesper Quistgaard - 12 min - Denmark
A talentless conductor hatches a plan to avoid getting the slip from a grand concert. It involves fish.


Dir: Elias Ressegatti - 8 min - United States
A young man is about to drastically alter the course of his life. Each possible world is another radical outcome. As he contemplates going through with an armed robbery, he is haunted by repeating visions of what could go wrong.

Hotel 22

Dir: Elizabeth Lo - 9 min - United States
Each night in Silicon Valley, a public bus transforms into an unofficial shelter for the homeless. No lying down; no feet on the seats. Sleep only comes to those who obey the rules. Hotel 22 captures a single night on the Line 22 route.

How long, not long

Dir: Michelle and Uri Kranot - 6 min - Denmark
A visual trip that challenges us to think about a universal belonging that doesn’t confine itself to a city, region or national boundary, in an age in which xenophobia, nationalism and intolerance are a daily occurrence.

Hvor kommer vi fra?

Dir: Hinda M Jama, Nasra M Jama - 11 min - Denmark
Two Somali sisters are asking the question: Where do you come from? To their friends, family and themselves. They mean to change the way we look at ethnicity in Denmark.


Dir: Ida Andreasen - 15 min - Denmark
Father Erik, daughter Silje and son William are family. Both Silje and her father struggle with bad tempers; when they get angry, their heads grow big and red. Little brother William tries to help, and Erik himself believes he has found a solution. But what about Silje?


Dir: Edith Tvede Byg-Fabritius - 30 min - Denmark
The obstinate, career obsessed Torben, who thinks he has everything under control, checks into a mandatory stay at a therapy center for stress affected people. Here, he struggles through obscure exercises designed to help him find his inner peace.

I’m in Berlin on your birthday

Dir: Emil Næsby Hansen - 13 min - Denmark
What do you do when you've dropped out of school, and you hate everyone except your boyfriend, who's ditching your 18th birthday to go to Berlin? As Isabel confronts Skjold, the ties that bind this young couple together slacken and tighten with each question and answer.

In Love with Amelia Earhart

Dir: Leena Jääskeläinen - 6 min - Findland
Erja is in mid-life. She confronts her youthful enthusiasm for the flight pioneer, and her disillusionment with her own biography.

In Other Words

Dir: Tal Kantor - 6 min - Israel
Can it be too late to make up for lost time? A man recalls a moment of a lost opportunity to communicate with his daughter. Their brief meeting after years undermines his world and renders his words meaningless.

Insect Bite

Dir: Grace Nayoon Rhee - 3 min - United States
A tiny bug tries to figure out what he wants to be. Tasting his surroundings, he takes shape according to each bite.


Dir: Fabio Palmieri - 9 min - Italy
Each year 400.000 people from Africa, Asia and Middle East, try to enter Europe. They flee from war, persecution and poverty. Since the ways by land have been interrupted, they board overloaded vessels and face a dangerous and often deadly voyage across the Mediterranean.


Dir: Johan Egholm Nielsen - 13 min - Denmark
A tragicomedy about 35-year-old David, whose individuality has disappeared into his relationship. When the couple move in together, faҫades crack, and David is forced to reveal how he’s spying on his girlfriend and neighbors.


Dir: Morten Zachariassen - 14 min - Denmark
Jytte lives in the allotment association Dannevang with her neighbors: the naive Jacob and the paranoid Mr. Schlect. Everything is peaceful, until Jytte receives a refugee, Claus, as a parcel. Jytte feels torn between Jacob, who believes Claus could easily stay in Jyttes toolshed, and Mr. Schlect, who’s convinced that Claus is a suicide bomber.


Dir: Morten Lindqvist - 20 min - Denmark
Newlyweds Tobias and Sarah find three mysterious photographs among their wedding photos. This prompts Tobias to try solving the mystery with the help of his own imagination.

Kære Lise

Dir: Kristof Zoltan Markovics - 7 min - Denmark
Lise takes the blame for a crime she did not commit. Based on a Hungarian short story from 1882 by Kálmán Mikszáth.


Dir: Graham Adey - 1 min - Sweden
Keren explores the behavioural and emotional aspects of genders inside social and cultural complexes. How these situations can effect the perception of the individual and can you consciously create your own roles in society?


Dir: Andreas Dalsgaard - 32 min - Denmark
København, a story about war photographer Janus, who tries his best at letting love back into his life.

Last Day of Freedom

Dir: Dee Hibbert-Jones, Nomi Talisman - 30 min - United States
When Bill realizes his brother Manny has committed a crime, he agonizes over his dilemma - should he call the police? Through his own decision to stand by his brother in the face of war, crime and capital punishment, Bill paints a tender portrait of a lost life.


Dir: Daniel A. Pedersen - 12 min - Denmark
Camilla is a spoiled yuppie whose biggest concern seems to be her all too perfect boyfriend. When she has a run-in with drunken and socially awkward Margrethe, Camilla’s perfectly curated façade starts to crumble


Dir: Elena Piskareva - 17 min - Russian Federation
Eight women are waiting for their turn at the abortion clinic. They are of different ages, but they share one thing - a good reason to have made their radical decision. They have each other for comfort and conversation, but one by one they leave the ward for their procedure, and return in a different state.


Dir: Roberto Benigni - 116 min - Italy
When an open-minded Jewish librarian and his son are sent to one of the Nazi concentration camps, he uses a perfect mixture of will, humor and imagination to protect his son from the dangers around their camp.


Dir: Réka Bucsi - 15 min - Hungary
A study of affection in three different chapters through an impact on a distant solar system. Abstract haiku-like situations reveal the change in atmosphere on one planet, caused by the change of gravity and light. This pulsing planet makes the inhabitants become one with each other in various ways.

Ludi Florales

Dir: Alessandro Bavari - 5 min - Italy
In ancient Roman religion, Ludi Florales was a festival in honor of the goddess Flora, and the games in her honour lasted for six days. This modern-day homage is all germination and growth at breakneck speed and with delicious intensity.

Lulu IRL

Dir: Tone Ottilie - 24 min - Denmark
Lulu is being bullied at her school. Her safe haven is on the internet, where she is dating Sebastian. Sebastian wants to meet in real life, but Lulu is afraid. When her secret relationship is exposed, Lulu suddenly finds it necessary to prove herself - by losing her virginity. But is that how to do it?


Dir: Sunit Parekh - 19 min - Denmark
A couple lives in an idyllic seaside village, where giant machines have begun to upturn the cobblestone streets, and dust fills the air. Yet its residents go about their everyday lives. Losing a child and losing a city are two different things, yet loss destructively makes itself anew each day.


Dir: Isabella Carbonell - 11 min - Sweden
A girl goes to visit her sister who has been impossible to reach since being released from a psychiatric ward. When she arrives, things are much worse than she could have imagined. But to her surprise, her sister claims that she has never been happier since she turned her back on the outside world.


Dir: Natalia Ciepel - 20 min - Denmark
Suburbia is a state of mind, not a place. Sofie, a teenage girl, leads us through the social and cultural landscape of the suburb, in this coming-of-age story about awkward bodies, secret crushes and the attempt to define your identity in a place that has none.


Dir: Simon Cartwright - 11 min - United Kingdom
Glen is barely a man. In a desperate attempt to tap into his masculinity, he attends a primal scream therapy session. Surrounded by wailing men, he cannot even make a sound. Another member of the class pushes Glen too far, and he finally lets something out - a miniature version of himself which does whatever it wants, regardless of the consequences.

Margret and Helmut

Dir: Clemens Beier - 30 min - Germany
Pensioner Margret is dreaming of traveling, but her husband’s dementia makes this impossible. During her fight for the future and the past, Margret gets in danger of losing herself. As the line between reality and illusion disappears entirely, Margret realizes that it is time to make a decision.

Mellem himmel og helvede

Dir: Søren Grau - 30 min - Denmark
Thomas and Nikolai haven’t seen each other for twenty years. Now they reunite at their former home in the country after the death of their father. Memories haunt both of them.

Melon Rainbow

Dir: Laurits Flensted-Jensen - 28 min - Denmark
Melon Rainbow is a young girl who longs to be seen. During the day she has a cleaning job in a housing association for blind people. At night she stages herself in front of her computer bathed in neon lights and voyeuristic hungry stares. Everyday life seems meaningless – except for her friendship with a blind boy.


Dir: Daniel Moshel - 5 min - Austria
After Elfie and her nerdy son August successfully proved themselves on their home webcam in MeTube 1, the odd pair venture onto the street to present the biggest, boldest, and sexiest operatic flash mob the internet has ever witnessed.

Min søsters mand

Dir: Pernille Hyllegaard Lund - 9 min - Denmark
25-year old Thor is carrying a secret. His older sister counsels him to reveal it, but little does she know that she is at the center of the dilemma.


Dir: Aude Danset - 14 min - France
Mishima lives in the shade, surrounded by worms in his underground habitat. One morning, he discovers beautiful Saiko, who awakens inside a rose. Saiko is thirsty. Saiko is hungry. Saiko is cold... But Mishima, like worms, is not supposed to live in the sunlight...

Missing One Player

Dir: Lei Lei - 4 min - China
A mahjong game is planned. Everyone waits for the last player to show up. The other three have no choice but to wait and sit there silently in tears. Never losing hope, they do believe that the fourth player will come. They look up to the sky waiting for this miracle to happen.


Dir: Wikke & Rasmussen - 105 min - Denmark
A Shakespearean quadruple tale.

Movements Arising from Different Relationships / Between Regularity and Irregularity II

Dir: Masahiro Tsutani - 13 min - Japan
The pleasure of listening is explored using fluctuation in the timing of sounds, change in timbre, movement of particles, and form. Like a symphonic work dreamt up by a mad scientist, different movements are caused by different relationships between minute units, such as structures and cells in mouse brains, as well as particles and lines in non-living matter.


Dir: Cecilie McNair - 19 min - Denmark
Mary Kabufufu is lesbian and asylum seeker. She is looking for her girlfriend, who disappeared during their escape from Uganda. During her last interview at the Refugee Board it dawns on her that she has overlooked a clue that might lead her to her girlfriend. But she still does not know if she can get asylum.

My Head Is an Egg

Dir: Oona Paukkonen - 6 min - Findland
One man. One egg. A bar. A dream. To find out who he really is.


Dir: Touraj Khosravi - 12 min - Denmark
The Kingdom of the Gods is populated with dolls. You find men, women, and strict rules on who you’re allowed to date. And yet, some masculine pink dolls still prefer to date other men.


Dir: Vito Alfarano - 8 min - Italy
Made in the prison of Rovigo city is the epilogue of an emotion that between body and sound becomes art. The white background eliminates the possibility of placement in space. The nudity expresses power, softness, vibrancy and fragility. Not knowing anything about the body that is on the screen the viewer will not see the prisoner, but the MAN. The single voice is a treasure chest of information and emotions, intimately linked to their own experience and the place from which you came from. The voices of the detainees and electronic sounds compose the original music.


Dir: Chris Raiber - 16 min - Austria
A car drives through the snow. Behind the wheel is Nelly. She is thirteen years old. Nelly wants to go home. Separating her from her goal are three questions, two keys, a diving tower and a racing heart.

Nocturnal Butterfly

Dir: Annika Dahlsten - 5 min - Findland
Memento mori - remember that you must die. Lost butterfly meets the circle of life.


Dir: Paulina Skibińska - 15 min - Poland
Divers go on an underwater search in the Arctic. Through the eyes of the rescue team, of the diver entering the water, and of the ordinary people waiting on the shore, we travel into the dimensions of two worlds – ice desert above and blue world below.


Dir: Vakhtang ’Tato’ Kotetishvili - 8 min - Georgia

One Day

Dir: Ditte Haarløv Johnsen - 31 min - Denmark
We never see her in full, the 36-year-old Ghanaian prostitute who earns a living in a suburb of Copenhagen. Still, we get to know her in a short time as a strong, lonely woman who misses her daughter. The camera captures her body in fragments, discrete and respectful, using close-ups that never reveal her entire face.


Dir: Caroline Bartleet - 6 min - United Kingdom
Gemma wakes to find her house on fire. Trapped with her son, she dials 999. Two strangers are suddenly tied to each other by a phone connection. The operator who answers holds Gemma’s life in her hands.

Our Fathers’ Sons

Dir: Ulaa Salim - 8 min - Denmark
A generation gap between father and son – between two people by the same blood but with different culture – can be a seemingly unsurmountable obstacle. Could the discovery of the father’s weaknesses be the first step towards an understanding and make them face their differences?


Dir: Bentley Brown - 22 min - Chad, Canada, Saudi Arabia


Dir: Heta Jäälinoja - 4 min - Findland
A doorbell rings. But everything's a mess.


Dir: Jure Pavlovic - 13 min - Croatia
Sarajevo, rush hour. Emir, accompanied by a social worker, is on his way to meet his father Safet for a weekend picnic at Igman, a semi-open penitentiary. Due to the heavy traffic they are late…


Dir: Yoichi Tanaka - 15 min - Japan
A young table tennis player lives alone, plays alone. She travels to the ping pong club at night alone. A chance encounter with a Chinese criminal slowly begins to change her life.

Playing the Game

Dir: Clara Kokseby & Julie Hindkjær - 0 min - Denmark
Political Participation

Pussy for Beginners

Dir: Reetta Aalto - 4 min - Findland
An educational film about women & sexuality, genitalia and their functions during sexual interaction. Includes nudity.

Quiet… disquiet

Dir: Nunzio Impellizzeri - 1 min - Switzerland
Quiet… disquiet is about pictures, fragments of existence, considerations about being, of things vanishing, of time passing by. Nowadays our real reason of disturbance is not having someone to share our contemplations.


Dir: Marianna Mørkøre & Rannvá Káradóttir - 5.19 min - Faroe Islands
Magma is the 1st film in The Cycle, a series of experimental short films that embrace and discover movement through camera, shot on
Super8 in the extreme and wild landscapes of the remote Faroe Islands.
Fragmented stories are unraveled in these open and empty spaces. Free of dialogue and narrative, the repetitive patterns of movements, costumes, music, landscapes and other components create an intriguing atmosphere, taking the viewer to a surrealistic and hauntingly beautiful universe.

Red Lipstick, Blue Lips

Dir: Casper Rudolf Emil Kjeldsen - 8 min - Denmark
A young man is driven by a fantasy which he can't pursue in his everyday life. Under the cold pink neon lights of the city, he has made careful plans to find a way to let his obsession take over. Just for one night.

Rejsen til min ‘mate’

Dir: Sara Hamdrup - 16 min - Denmark & Argentina
Nine years ago, Sara lived in Argentina and found a completely new feeling. Now she’s looking to get that feeling back. A film about finding yourself in a different culture.

Language: Danish and Spanish


Dir: Kasper Møller Jensen - 18 min - Denmark
In this urban chickflick-odyssey, Ida sets out into the neonlit nightlife without really knowing what she’s looking for. But as she dances her way through alleys and people, she slowly realizes what she’s been missing.


Dir: Kim, Joo Hwan - 25 min - Korea
Lee Kwang is an illegal immigrant in Korea. He makes a living by stealing dogs from animal shelters and selling them to butchers. But when he adopts a big golden retriever named Bori, the two develop a special bond.


Dir: Jesper Vidkjær Rasmussen - 29 min - Denmark
Sickened by its deadly violence, Lars is determined to leave his outlaw motorcycle club after eight years in prison. He heads for a fresh start with his wife and son in another country. But nothing works out the way Lars has planned.

Safari Heat

Dir: Antti Laakso & Simo Ruotsalainen - 5 min - Findland
Denny must choose his side as key witness in the biggest court case in Cape Town history.


Dir: Maia Elisabeth Sørensen - 14 min - Denmark
Satellite is three colourful characters’ attempt to communicate with each other across time and place. It doesn’t always work out. It is difficult to send out signals, and even more difficult to receive them. Sometimes there is noise on the line, and sometimes everything goes wrong. But together the movements do form a choreography, after all.


Dir: Wikke & Rasmussen - 100 min - Denmark
A science fiction-romance


Dir: Annika Berg - 29 min - Denmark
This is no ordinary day in the life of 93 year-old Sia. It is her last. And Sia is no ordinary woman – in her own words, “I’ve always been a bit nuts”. This is a rainbow-tinted moment in time in her many-splendored jungle of memories. A hybrid documentary-fictional portrait of death, and life, between sunrise and until the sun sets in the west.


Dir: Emilie Koefoed Larsen - 9 min - Denmark
A man struck by bitterness tries to isolate himself in a cottage by the sea. But then he meets the young and vibrant woman renting the cottage next door.

Small Talk

Dir: Even Hafnor, Lisa Brooke Hansen - 20 min - Norway
Welcome to the Dvergsnes family from Kristiansand, a normal Norwegian family of fourteen. Their joys and pains are much like everyone else’s, and yet their story is distinct. Here is their family saga told through three events that took place during the fall and winter of 2014.

Small Time Giants

Dir: Aka Hansen - 22 min - Denmark
Small Time Giants is a successful rock band in Greenland and now they want to conquer Europe. But the road to success is long, bumpy, - and German? There are no guarantees in the dog-eat-dog world of international music. Is it worth the struggle?


Dir: Anna Emma haudal - 15 min - Denmark
25-year-old Vera gets help from her ex-boyfriend moving a sofa from their old home to her new one. On the way, she finds out that he’s seeing someone else. The jealousy makes her doubt her decision and Vera makes a desperate attempt to win him back. But every couple has its own patterns, and with the sofa as a metaphor for their relationship, the history, dynamics, and sexuality of the couple are unfolded on the way from one apartment to another.

SOFA is a quirky tale about the pain of change and the necessity of letting go.

Somebody Else

Dir: Laurent King - 16 min - China
Money isn’t everything. But then what is? A car valet pretends to be a golden boy to charm a beautiful socialite. The young man and woman drive through Shanghai at night, their budding attraction threatened by his lies… and her secret.


Dir: Rokhsareh Ghaemmaghami - 90 min - Iran, Germany, Switzerland

Sore Eyes for Infinity

Dir: Elli Vuorinen - 11 min -
An optician grows tired of seeing the world too clearly and her inevitable involvement in its defects.


Dir: Jeroen Jaspaert, Daniel Snaddon - 27 min - UK
This film is screened in Danish without any English subtitles

Stina Karina

Dir: Andrias Høgenni - 10 min - Denmark / Faeroe Islands
Two young women are preparing for a party. All is set, and the only thing remaining is a choice of hairstyle. Faced with each other in the mirror, tension is running high and it only takes the smallest thing to re-ignite a deep and lasting conflict between these two friends.


Dir: Benjamin Cleary - 12 min - United Kingdom
Navigating the complex world of human communication can be difficult enough to begin with, but when you’re suffering from a cruel speech impediment, it becomes an insurmountable challenge. And now the time has come for him to face his most crippling fear.


Dir: Hans Henschel - 13 min - Germany
It is the hottest day of the year. Her broken leg has kept her in her boyfriend´s room for days. Flies are buzzing, the fan is on, and sweat is on their brows and backs. Trying to eat, work and play in their underwear, they get on each other’s nerves.

Sunday Lunch

Dir: Celine Devaux - 13 min - France
James observes his family. They ask him questions and don't listen to his answers, they give advice but don't follow it, they stroke him and slap him, but it's ok; that is the way Sunday lunch has always been and always will be.


Dir: Elie Grappe - 15 min - Switzerland
At dawn, in a great classical dance conservatory, a boy falls while rehearsing some movements. Something breaks in his foot, causing sharp pain. But it's exams day and the boy refuses to quit: he tries to face his dance partner and classmates, convincing himself his body has no limits.


Dir: Faiyaz Jafri - 8 min - Hong Kong
A wordless celebration of body hair and rock gods, this is eight full minutes of hairy-beyond-your-wildest-dreams women moving to the sound of disco-rock.


Dir: Jasmijn Schrofer - 17 min - the Netherlands

Tarikat is a visual poem of a journey towards enlightenment. Called by a mystic dream, Derya finds herself among souls steeped in the Islamic Sufi tradition. They join in hypnotic movements and stirring rhythms, dissolving into an ocean of silence.

Ten Buildings Away

Dir: Miki Polonski - 25 min - Israel
A four-storey building in the middle of a city. A bridge runs above it, busy with heavy traffic and passing trucks. Behind the leftmost window on the fourth floor is the residence of two brothers, a mother and a father. A family, who perhaps, have never had the right to exist.

The Absent One

Dir: Mikkel Nørgaard - 119 min - Denmark
The murder of young twins initially implicates a group of upper class students as the killers, though the case takes a turn or two from its starting point.


Dir: Tim Ellrich - 13 min - Austria
One bathtub. Three brothers. Many splashes! Three brothers try to dive back into their childhood through an old family picture in the bathtub.

The Beast

Dir: Daina O. Pusić - 20 min - Croatia
The relationship between a hundred year old woman and her aging daughter is fossilizing in their shared apartment. But their life together forever altered when one night, a bat flies into their home and decides to settle in.

The Betrayal

Dir: Susan Young - 6 min - United Kingdom
When doctor-patient relationships go wrong, they go catastrophically wrong. Legal texts and medical records interwoven with pulsing pills tell a story of addictive, emotional enmeshment.


Dir: Michael Rittmannsberger - 3 min - Germany/Austria
A young man is accused of a crime. He confesses and doesn't show a sign of regret. On the contrary - the young man seems to be proud and fully convinced of what he did. And a criminal must receive his punishment.

The English Teacher

Dir: Alán González - 15 min - Cuba
Havana, Cuba. Tired of her husband´s terminal illness, Sonia, a 65 year old teacher, decides to resume giving classes at home. Like the city stagnant over time, in the darkness of her house, Sonia must face her own feelings in order to recover her freedom.

The Garden of Delights

Dir: Alejandro Male García Caballero - 8 min - Mexico
A demon discovers the gift of creation, by combining animals with surprising effects. In his urge to transform them all, he realizes that one managed to get away. He is driven to possess it, but will end up falling prey to its beauty and charm.

The Kingdom

Dir: Lars von Triers - 279 min - Denmark
A hospital-horror mini-series.

The knowledge between us

Dir: Tara Jade Samaya & Pippa Samaya - 1 min - Australia
A surrealist approach to cinematography, to explore the human race's ever-present hunger for knowledge and the value placed upon what you (think you) know. The quest to know it all, in contrast to the state of wonderment we reach in surrendering to the infinite unknown.

The Moustache

Dir: Anni Oja - 4 min - Findland
This town is not big enough for the two of them. Nor their moustaches.


Dir: Erik Schäfer - 10 min - Denmark
A psychotic serial killer is interviewed by a female journalist. He talks of his crimes, and of how he wishes to be remembered as a legendary serial killer by creating art that reflects the last breath of his victims.

The One and Only

Dir: Susanne Bier - 106 min - Denmark
When handyman Niller comes to install Sus' new kitchen one day, their immediate crush is a sweet escape from both of their problematic relationships

The Procedure

Dir: Calvin Reeder - 4 min - United States
A man is captured and wakes up on an operating table. He is tied hand and foot, and forced to endure a strange experiment.

The Reflection Of Power

Dir: Mihai Grecu - 9 min - France
Pyonyang, North Korea. In the most secret capital of the world, a crowd attends a meticulously choreographed show while a natural disaster on a mythological scale threatens to engulf the whole city and its megalomaniac monuments.

The Shadow

Dir: Anders Jon Petersen - 17 min - Denmark
Poor Andreas was split in half by two opposing desires: wife, kids and security, or having the freedom to do whatever he wants. Each desire took on its own life and the two Andreas’ went their separate ways. But one day the two halves must face each other again. And Andreas learns the hard way that you are your own worst enemy.

The story of a ballet dancer

Dir: Maja Friis - 10 min - Denmark
The Finnish ballet dancer Sorella Englund tells her personal story of her life with dancing. An story about passion, loneliness and aging of the body.

The Sunken Convent

Dir: Michael Panduro - 15 min - Denmark
A man wakes up, he goes to work, he eats in, he does a bit of home surgery, he drives to the woods. Told without words and loosely inspired by Hans Christian Andersen in the same way that nightmares are loosely based on the day’s events, this is a grotesque and slightly surreal story of bad habits.

The UFO-Truth

Dir: Emilie Koefoed Larsen, Bertil Vorre - 10 min - Denmark
As long as there have been people on this planet, humanity has been gazing into the stars and wondered: Is there life in space? Some people do not doubt, and claim they have seen UFO’s or even been in contact with aliens. This is their story.

The way of tea

Dir: Marc Fouchard - 21 min - France
A small town in Northern France, Alex, a young skinhead, enters Malik’s grocery store. Alex has no respect for Malik. He’s a racist and makes a scene in the store. Malik, however, is a quiet man and does what a real man has to do: He offers Alex a cup of tea!

Thunder Road

Dir: Jim Cummings - 12 min - United States
Officer Arnaud loved his Mum. At her funeral, his loving eulogy turns into an exhumation of withheld feelings and personal demons, ultimately finding his rhythm in more ways than one by playing his mom’s favorite Bruce Springsteen song.

Tick Tick Boom

Dir: Frida Barkfors - 29 min - Denmark
Tick Tick Boom is a bittersweet multiplot tale of how life doesn’t always go quite as planned.

Titania lll

Dir: Thomas Seest - 1 min - Denmark
Nini Theilade, re-enacting Titania - queen of the ferries, from her part in Max Reinhardt film A Midsummer Nights Dream from 1935 Mendelsohn music taken from the original film


Dir: Olivier Chabalier - 13 min - France
Train takes us on a voyage through dark and surreal landscapes of imagination. Governed by its tracks it arrives at different stages of life: from affection, knowledge, dreams to loneliness and death.

Ud Af Det Blå

Dir: Mathias Broe - 12 min - Denmark
Mads is left to find his own way home, as his older brother stands him up yet again. On the car ride back Mads is confronted with the dangerous effects of his brother’s detours and their relationship is up in the air.


Dir: Niko Avgoustidi - 15 min - Greece
Mohamed, a six year old refugee, finds himself alone in a crowded aegean beach. He is hiding behind a rock, watching the tourists bathing and waiting for his mother to come back. He lost her in the sea and now he needs to find her again, in order to keep up with the great trip to the West.

Under månen

Dir: Peter Salling - 11 min - Denmark
The sun sets as Signe arrives late for her babysitting appointment. As the night progresses, Signe reveals dark secrets about the girl’s father.


Dir: Juliette Viger - 8 min - Denmark
The streets at night; a slow saxophone plays. A howling wolf roams the city. Dad is on the loose. Sally, an introverted 15-year-old girl, tries to tame her wolf father, who has lost himself in the wilderness.


Dir: Ryan Ines - 6 min - United States
Flowers, fire, friendship, and fun. Smile if you self-immolate, smile if you're run over, rejoice when you go over the cliff.


Dir: Mie Skjoldemose - 19 min - Denmark
Young Anna is experiencing growing pains. Two defining moments are depicted with visual and musical aesthetics.


Dir: Sirko Knüpfer - 1 min - Germany
Strange creatures move on electric scooters through urban space; film editing emphasizes the choreography of the silently moving bodies. Three absurd characters, are they time travellers, extraterrestrials or truth-seekers? They undertake a journey. In the process, they meet people and objects that are also on the move, and somehow they all seem to be on the same path. To happiness?


Dir: Christopher Krøyer Magelund - 26 min - Denmark
A young woman lives a routine life in solitude. She places a mysterious camera in her home and is suddenly broadcasted for the world to see. But who follows her through the camera lens? Why does she receive mysterious, accusing letters? And how is her life changing with the knowledge that she is now alive?

Waves ’98

Dir: Ely Dagher - 15 min - Lebanon
Disillusioned with his life in the suburbs of segregated Beirut, Omar's discovery lures him into the depth of the city. Immersed into a world that is so close yet so isolated from his reality, he eventually loses track and finds himself struggling to keep his attachments, his sense of home.

We Chose The Milky Way

Dir: Eva Marie Rødbro - 28 min - Denmark
Is this life on another planet? A hedonistic civilization in its most luxurious form? Party preparations in a Copenhagen suburb? Youthful pleasure-seekers in a beautiful state of invincibility and restlessness. Pure excess is elevated to an existential principle. Fake nails, fake hair, fake tans. Everything is artificial – except friendship.


Dir: Oscar Wiedemann - 10 min - Denmark
A woman decides to pick up a refugee and drive him across the Swedish border. With the prospect of being prosecuted and imprisoned if she gets caught, she tries to come to terms with her own choice. Is she able to follow through on her decision?


Dir: Mathieu Le Lay - 26 min - France
Remains from a long gone mining era, the ghost towns of the american wild west are full of stories and legends. Their inhabitants live outside of time, and with one priority: The search for freedom. People, who live in a place like this, have come from somewhere to get away from something.

What If…

Dir: Caroline Sascha Cogez - 0 min - Denmark
Economic Empowerment

When Summer Comes

Dir: Sune Kofod Maglegaard - 15 min - Denmark
It is summer, the sun is shining and there's a party tonight! Simon is filled to the brim with emotions. He is 16 years old and hopelessly in love with Sally. And seizing the opportunity is not as easy as it sounds. But much can happen before the night is over.


Dir: Chabname Zariab - 26 min - France
In Afghanistan, "batchas" are young male prostitutes who live under the protection of a master in a house where they are trained to dance dressed as girls for a men's audience. Veteran dancer Saman starts worrying when he sees Bijane, the new recruit, who has been chosen to replace him. Despite his jealousy, he must initiate Bijane into the art of the Batcha dancing.


Dir: Tom-Lee Zigelman - 2 min - Denmark
Documentary exercise. This little film describes the things that run through the mind of the director, when people ask her where she’s from. Not an easy question to answer when you originally grew up in a country divided in two.

Woman Outside

Dir: Shelly Lauman - 20 min - United States
The indifferent streets of downtown Los Angeles serve as backdrop for a homeless woman, who each day takes up a bench in the park across from the steps of City Hall. Here she watches another woman from a distance. Desperate to be seen, desperate to be heard, the homeless woman follows her affluent counterpart down the street.

Woman without Mandolin

Dir: Fabiano Mixo - 5 min - Germany
The face of a woman seems to be fluctuating in space. She is absorbed and it is almost possible to hear her breathing. Suddenly, she seems to wake up. She gazes at us profoundly. Meanwhile she is transforming herself, unravelling and recovering herself piece by piece in a Cubist portrait.


Dir: Liv Karin Dahlstrøm - 20 min - Norway
Turid is attending her friend's 50th birthday. During the party she comes to realize she is no longer in the inner circle of friends. Thus Turid starts a game to make her mark, and the party turns out to involve much more than singing and wine. What the fear of losing a friend won’t make you do.


Dir: Robin Boissevain - 10 min - Denmark
In a desperate attempt to save the love and marriage of his parents, the boy Woody cooks up an unusual plan.


Dir: Turun Anikistit - 12 min - Finland
Vienna, 1914. Otto finds a wormhole into another dimension. It has a curious effect on him, and drives both his mental health and his relationship with Emma into ruins. What better way to seek help than to recline on Freud's divan and start talking?


Dir: Yaniv Cohen - 1 min - Norway
30 years ago, dance company Rosas put itself on the map with the production Rosas danst Rosas. This choreography has since been staged all over the world. In 2013 the company published choreography instructions for creating individual and new video dance. X8 features 4 pregnant women dancing a tribute to that epic creation.

Yùl and the Snake

Dir: Gabriel Harel - 13 min - France
Thirteen-year old Yùl goes to the desert with his big brother Dino to conclude a deal with Mike, a thug with a car, an angry mastiff, and an open beer in hand. When things go wrong, a mysterious snake appears. Yùl follows the snake.


Dir: Amalie Næsby - 10 min - Denmark
Zteve is the coolest zebra on the savannah. All the other zebras worship him. Zteve leaves his precious stripes on the shore, as goes for a dip in the water hole. But to his utter horror the stripes are stolen. Can he now return to the herd? Are you even a zebra if you have no stripes?