2001 – A Space Odyssey

Dir: Stanley Kubrick - 149 min - USA
With equally spectacular images and sound, Stanley Kubrick’s ‘2001 - A Space Odyssey’ is a sci-fi milestone, not least because of its durable contemplations on man’s position on earth and in the universe. Kubrick created the film’s groundbreaking special effects in collaboration with special effects pioneer Douglas Trumbull and the pair received an Academy Award for their efforts. - And as for the score: rarely have the waltzes of Johann Strauss been put to more effective use

3 Fractures

Dir: Toni Kamula - 15 min - Denmark
Here are three lives governed by power and chance. Each human interaction is defined by a balance of control, and dominance shifts from one person to the next depending on the setting. In the aftermath of an economic crisis, moral dilemmas abound.

8 bullets

Dir: Frank Ternier - 13 min - France
Sometimes it is better to keep yourself on a leash. My name is Gabriel and I live in Taipei. I have lost my wife during an assault. A red-haired man came to me, he smelled of fried fish. He had a gun and he shot my family. Since then, I feel so empty as if I had a hole in my head.

A Hole In My Heart

Dir: Mees Peijnenburg - 10 min - Netherlands
Sometimes things happen that turn everything to silence. You reach a point where nothing makes sense anymore, as if everything got stuck. Life is changed forever. There is nothing you can do but keep on living and remembering.

A little bit more

Dir: Cathrine Dramdal Hasholt - 10 min - Denmark
Kasper and Maiken are brother and sister. They return to their childhood home to help their father Erik move out. However, the mood between father and son is tense after the mother’s death and as the older sister, Maiken desperately tries to patch things up between the two men. However, things are complicated by the fact that Erik is hiding a big secret.

A woman goes shopping

Dir: Sune Kofod Maglegaard - 11 min - Denmark
Rebekka has murdered her boyfriend and has gone shopping at the DIY retailer to buy items that can help her get rid of the body. She has little desire to attract attention, but she is distracted by the very pushy shop assistant, Søren, who is very interested in starting a conversation with her. Rebekka tries to avoid Søren but when she fails she changes her tactics and instead tries to use Søren’s expertise to get the things she needs. Actually, she is a bit clueless when it comes to hand tools.

Agri and the mountain

Dir: Hasan Serin - 14 min - Turkey
A remote village somewhere in the mountains of Turkey. This village is home to Rojda. Every day she puts on her clothes, walks the long cold way to school, has chores and helps her grandfather. This is the life of a young girl who lives where the times stands still.

All Your Favorite Shows!

Dir: Danny Madden - 3 min - United States
You’ve got your smart phone. Anything you want to watch is right there in the palm of your hands! Convenient, right? If only your everyday life didn’t melt together with all your favorite shows from television in a tremendous battle that you have to fight on your way to school.

Allan 3000

Dir: Frank Molino - 12 min - Denmark
Classical clarinetist Frederik lives a comfortable life with his aging robot companion, an Allan 3000 Dad Edition. However, his everyday life is disrupted when he loses his job. Trying to find a new purpose in life and frustrated with his robot’s increasing malfunctions, Frederik now has to decide on the future of both his robot and himself.

An afternoon

Dir: Søren Green - 8 min - Denmark
Mathias and Frederik are walking home from school. They are good friends, but to Mathias there is more than friendship at stake. He has decided that this will be the day when he tells Frederik that he is in love with him. This will change their relationship for good, no matter how Frederik reacts. Is Mathias really ready to take this step?

An angry man

Dir: Jannik Dahl Pedersen - 20 min - Denmark
A self-help tape leads the spineless man Lars on a drive to visit his father. Their relationship har always been strained and it doesn’t get any better when they are confronted with both strong women, a self-proclaimed guru and their repressed past. The tape leads Lars astray to roads he has never been to before, but how do you keep your composure and the direction in life when you’re used to being run over?

Analogue People in a Digital Age

Dir: Keith Walsh - 12 min - Ireland
On the day the Irish television transmission system changed from analogue to digital, eight analogue men sit at the bar cotemplating the switchover. Characters living an analogue life in a digital world; people who are caught between two worlds.


Dir: Gavin Ramoutar - 19 min - Guyana
Anil, an introverted young boy, is pressured by his father to become a cricket player the way he himself was years before. Although skilled player, Anil refuses to play and takes refuge is his love for Dano, an older boy in the village. In order to attend the local masquerade and see the boy he pines for, Anil must win the cricket tournament.


Dir: Gudmundur A. Guðmundsson - 20 min - Iceland
Arnar and his two friends live in Ártún, a tiny Icelandic village, where first kisses are hard to come by. The boys plan a trip to the city, where girls are allegedly easier to come by, especially if you bring cigarettes. Ártún is a lovingly detailed coming-of-age film based on Guðmundssons own youth.


Dir: Signe Markvad - 10 min - Denmark


Dir: Mauro Carraro - 6 min - Switzerland
A black sun rises on the Leman Lake. In a surreal backlit scene, swimmers and birds witness the spectacle of the dawn, hypnotized by the music of a cellist, who emerges from the lake. The applause of the seagulls is deafening.

Audio Dope’s Solar Soliloquy

Dir: Garrick J Lauterbach - 9 min - Switzerland
"They can be pretty, but somehow lack something; or they can be absolutely born of a human womb and even design androids and themselves be without warmth." (Philip K. Dick in Man, Android and Machine from 1975).

Back Home

Dir: Léo Schweitzer & Dorian Lee - 7 min - France
During the Vietnam War, two brothers of Chinese descent fight for the American forces as mercenaries. Isolated from their battalion and lost in the jungle, they have to find their way back to the military base. Worn out and fighting for their lives, the brothers must face a moment of truth.


Dir: Pascal Flörks - 9 min - Germany
Grandparents are important fixtures in the family chronicle; they are our links to lost time. The past lives on in them and the stories they leave behind will influence our worldview. The true weight of this inheritance becomes clear, when a grandson revisits key moments of his grandfather’s unusual life.


Dir: Luis E. Pérez Cuevas - 14 min - Spain
Maria has given up all her desires. She is an old woman and everything in her body is aching. Sacrifice knocks on the door every morning. Preparation for the day and for the inevitable follows a tight schedule. She fears and loves it at the same time.

Before You Hit The Ground

Dir: Sophie van de Pol - 12 min - Netherlands
Steven, a twenty-year-old student, is looking after one-year-old Levy at the usual babysitting address. A stupid, almost casual accident changes both of their lives. Driven by confusion, Steven finds himself making decisions he never thought he would be able to make.

Bendito Machine V – Pull the Trigger

Dir: Jossie Malis - 12 min - Spain
An exotic traveler comes from a galaxy far, far away to discover the beauty of a supposedly unexplored territory. Instead, he finds himself in the middle of a turbulent conflict. Trapped against his will, he must wait patiently until the storm passes.

Bernard den store

Dir: Philipp Lupien, Marie-Hélène Viens - 9 min - Canada
This film is screened in Danish without any English subtitles. For information in Danish, please refer to the Danish description.

Bird Dropping

Dir: Cilie Kragegaard - 6 min - Denmark
Bird Dropping is a curious film about an older lonely man finally finds his purpose when his life is invaded a shitty bird!


Dir: Alejandro González Iñárritu - 120 min - USA

Bottom Feeders

Dir: Matt Reynolds - 3 min - United States
Divided by a barrier of fog, two disparate species fight to adapt in a deliciously strange ecosystem. As if born from the deepest unconscious, these creatures are locked in a mindless struggle for survival. In this macabre loop of spontaneous forces, instinct is king.


Dir: Lucas Helth Postma - 16 min - Denmark
16-year old Emil was born as a girl and was named Emilie. Even so, he always felt like a boy and his relationship with his mother is becoming strained as he is struggling with his identity. The mother doesn’t understand her daughter, and one night, certain things are suddenly out in the open.


Dir: Jan & Raf Roosens - 15 min - Belgium
On a hot summer’s day in Antwerp, a young man is out looking for fun with his friends, when a fancy house with a pool catches their attention. The young man, ashamed of the person he really is, doesn’t tell his friends that this house is where he lives. It turns out that he’s more ashamed of his friends and will be forced to choose and deal with the consequences.


Dir: Kasper Quintanilla - 3 min - Norway
A young man is having a cup of coffee at a café when he locks eyes with an intriguing girl across the street… Or does he?

Carl – My Childhood Symphony

Dir: Erik Clausen - 125 min - Denmark
Carl - My Childhood Symphony follows the life of Carl Nielsen (1865-1931) from childhood as one of twelve children from a poor background, through to his emergence as an internationally renowned composer


Dir: Jonas Kyed - 4 min - Denmark
Music video with rapper Johnas K in connection with the celebration of Carl Nielsen’s 150-year birthday.

Cats in Riga

Dir: Jon Bang Carlsen - 17 min - Latvia
The protagonists are beautiful lovers, arrogant killers and serious sleepers. Man recedes into the background as focus centers on another creature, who doesn't give a shit about the meaning of life. All is pleasure in the life of cats. While in the distance, blurred, all the turmoil of man is still there; the war mongering, the pretentiousness and the eagerness to please.


Dir: Jake Graf - 17 min - United Kingdom
After losing his wife and life partner, Trevor’s life has become devoid of meaning. Days turn into weeks as Trevor becomes more and more isolated and lonely. Until he meets a mysterious stranger in a park and both men are forced to face life – and themselves – again.


Dir: Ozgur Can Alkan - 5 min - Turkey
Life is a circle, encompassing birth, reproduction and death. Through dancers’ movements, this ceaseless interchange between individual and community takes form.

Circus Nowhere 

Dir: Lisa Svelmøe - 20 min - Denmark
Jenny has a hard time coming to terms with the death of her father. She is determined to get him back. She runs away from home and discovers another realm, where a circus has lost its director. She decides to help the artistes find him again. But what if he won’t ever come back? Is it possible to accept that everyone, everywhere, will one day die?

Colorful Little Birds

Dir: Diana Tur - 10 min - Denmark
Caridad leaves Cuba to visit her childhood friend, Ana María, who lives in Denmark. Ana María is pregnant by her Cuban lover, Abel, but he does not intend to leave his Danish wife - quite the opposite.

Cooking up a Tribute

Dir: Andrea Gómez, Luis González - 87 min - Spain
This film is screened in Danish without any English subtitles. For information in Danish, please refer to the Danish description.


Dir: Martinus Klemet - 4 min - Estonia
One day a man brings a cat home. It turns out he has a special plan for his new pet. However, he doesn't seem to know that cats have nine lives. Inspired by a controversial Dutch art project from 2012, this animated horror depicts psychedelic suburbs with a dubstep score.


Dir: Marie Grahtø Sørensen - 19 min - Denmark

Darkest Moon

Dir: Kasper Skovsbøl - 29 min - Denmark
The villagers on the island accuse Anna’s daughter, a beautiful but mysterious girl, of having made a pact with the devil. In a dark moment of fire and doubt, Anna must decide if she wants to protect her daughter, and risk being ostracized, or believe the accusations and sentence her own child to death.

De Smet

Dir: Wim Geudens & Thomas Baerten - 15 min - The Netherlands
The three De Smet Brothers live next to each other in three identical houses and drive three identical cars. They have been champions of the card club at the local pub for years. But when one brother becomes acquainted with a new neighbor, the well-oiled machine breaks down and the other brothers are left to their fate.

Den lille fugl og egernet

Dir: Lena von Döhren - 5 min - Schweiz
This film is screened in Danish without any English subtitles. For information in Danish, please refer to the Danish description.

Didn’t See, Didn’t Do

Dir: Rostislav Smirnyagin - 21 min - Russian Federation
In a sleepy small town, Nikita comes up with a great idea for himself and his friend Kostya. Early in the morning, the two boys pull out plastic wrap and stretch the film in the middle of the road. As soon as they hide, they hear the breaks squeal and the shouting of an angry driver. Great fun… until it is suddenly no fun at all.

Dinner For Few

Dir: Nassos Vakalis - 10 min - Greece, United States
During dinner, ‘the system’ works like a well-oiled machine. It only feeds the selected few, who foolishly consume all the resources, while the rest survive on scraps from the table. Inevitably, when the supplies are depleted, the struggle for what remains leads to catastrophic change.


Dir: Christophe M. Saber - 10 min - Switzerland
In a moment of anger, a father loses his temper and disciplines his disobedient child in the middle of a grocery store. A shocked customer immediately intervenes and expresses her concern. Others join the conversation. The conversation quickly changes from discussion to quarrel, and from quarrel to complete chaos.

Drop by sometimes

Dir: Kosara Mitikj - 15 min - The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
Emmy works the night shift in the drugstore that night. She is a young girl, enormously fat and old-fashioned. While she, like every other night, kindly serves the customers in the late hours, does not even remotely sense danger.


Dir: Johannes Guttorm Thomsen - 16 min - Denmark
A young girl from Aarhus, driven by shame and curiosity, leads a double life as a prostitute. She hires a taxi driver for a 'business trip' to Vejle and surprisingly engages in an affair with him. Things take an unexpected turn when the taxi driver discovers how the sweet girl provides for herself.


Dir: Claudia Bottino - 22 min - France
A desperate father must face endless bureaucratic labyrinths, when he starts to look for a place where his mentally fragile son can be taken care of. Soon, his quest turns into an expedition through the jungle of the absurd. Maybe this day of constant repetition will be the last that father and son spend together.


Dir: Malene Choi Jensen - 12 min - Denmark
Yin Yin is a black cat. His mother is killed in an accident as they are fleeing a collapsing metropolis, leaving Yin Yin all alone in a dangerous, unknown world. He finds shelter in an abandoned village – only, when darkness falls, it is not quite the sanctuary it appeared to be.

Early rising france

Dir: Hugo Chesnard - 25 min - France
Director Martin Strange Hansen is showing his favorite shortfilm

Eat, Drink, Man, Woman

Dir: Ang Lee - 124 min - Taiwan, USA
This programme is screened in Danish without any English subtitles. For information in Danish, please refer to the Danish description.

Efter vinter

Dir: Kasper Buur - 9 min - Denmark
A father has to come to terms with the fact that his daughter is growing into an independent woman, who can make it on her own.

Emergency Calls

Dir: Hannes Vartiainen & Pekka Veikkolainen - 15 min - Finland
Being human is a fleeting chance to experience the universe around us. All we can do is trust each other and find comfort in each other’s company. This film is based on authentic emergency calls and radio traffic.

Et børnehjem

Dir: Ditte Kaehne Gade - 5 min - Denmark
1950, Denmark: A radio journalist interviews children at an orphanage in West Denmark. He talks to 10-year-old Palle, who comes from a home ridden by violence, abuse and loneliness and had to be forcibly removed from his parents by the authorities. This moving animated film is an interpretation of an actual sound file from the Danish Broadcasting Corporation archives.


Dir: Gabriel Tzafka - 22 min - Denmark
Euroman is a happy man. His wealthy parents are proud of him. The bank loves him. His life is full of fine dining and online dating. He is running his own innovative, environmentally friendly start-up company. And now he’s heading for a reunion with his friends, the Euromen. But how long until the bubble bursts?

Falling Angels

Dir: Maria Winther Olsen - 28 min - Denmark
In the Faroe Islands, young Julia – the priest's daughter – falls in love with the beautiful Barbara, who has just moved to the islands. This forbidden love is not easy to handle in a small town, especially when you are the priest’s daughter and want to please everyone and do everything the right way.

Family Portraits

Dir: Henning Carlsen - 29 min - Denmark
What does a Danish family look like in 1964? Through conversations with fathers, housewives and youths of different social backgrounds, this film is a mosaic of family life.

Farvel Far

Dir: Hendrik Maximilian Schmitt - 28 min - Tyskland
This film is screened in Danish without any English subtitles. For information in Danish, please refer to the Danish description.

Fassbinder – To Love Without Demands

Dir: Christian Braad Thomsen - 106 min - Denmark
Danish film director Christian Braad Thomsen was a close friend of Rainer Werner Fassbinder (1945-82). They met when Fassbinder showed his first film “Love is colder than death” at the Berlinale 1969 and saw each other for the last time just three weeks before he died.

This documentary is based on lengthy film interviews that Braad Thomsen shot with Fassbinder in the 1970’s, and which have never been published. Also Braad Thomsen shortly after Fassbinders death made a tape recording with his mother Lilo Pempeit, who remembers his unusual childhood in the ruins of Germany.

The film contains new recollections with actress Irm Hermann, who was the first to know Fassbinder. They became friends, when he was unknown to the public, yet dreamt of making Hollywood-films in München. Irm Hermann was the only one that believed in his wild dreams.

Fast Film

Dir: Virgil Widrich - 14 min - Austria
Martin Strange Hansen is showing his favorite shortfilm


Dir: Nynne Steen Mors - 5 min - Denmark
A man is fighting and trying to control his inner turmoil. Slowly, chaos overtakes him and the room he is in forcing him to the ground. Will he keep fighting or let go? Through modern dance, VFX and practical effects, this film examines peace of mind as a human condition.

Foodies – The Culinary Jetset

Dir: Thomas Jackson, Charlotte Landelius og Henrik Stockare - 95 min - Sweden
This programme is screened in Danish without any English subtitles. For information in Danish, please refer to the Danish description.

Før gæsterne kommer

Dir: Jon Bang Carlsen - 20 min - Denmark
Two ladies at a seaside resort on the island of Fanø where they prepare for the start of season. The old resort is a relic of yesteryear, and its owner and his employees are treasure troves of information about the past.


Dir: Ala’a Mohsen - 30 min - Denmark
With a dark expression and grief weighing on his voice, 42-year-old Haider tells his story of captivity during a rebellion in Iraq in 1991. At the time of captivity, Saddam Hussein had fled the country, which was brought to its knees, devastated by war.

Freja and Sofie

Dir: Søren Lundvall Danielsen - 16 min - Denmark
Freja is an ice-queen, completely indifferent to her classmates. Except for Sofie because Freja is in love with her. On their school excursion, Sofie and her friends are having a secret party with booze and boys, but Sofie is in for a surprise when she finds a picture of herself in Freja’s bag.

Front View Of My Father

Dir: Nicoline Skotte Jacobsen - 29 min - Danmark
A daughter has invited her estranged father to participate in different games in a studio to let them both reflect on the divorce that has deprived them of sharing her childhood. A playful and tender experiment, where Danish divorce-culture is turned on its head, and father and daughter meet each other anew.


Dir: Maria Peters - 16 min - Holland
This film is screened in Danish without any English subtitles. For information in Danish, please refer to the Danish description.


Dir: Iddo Soskolne, Janne Reinikaine - 15 min - Finland
This film is screened in Danish without any English subtitles. For information in Danish, please refer to the Danish description

Giovanni og vandballetten

Dir: Astrid Bussink - 18 min - Holland
This film is screened in Danish without any English subtitles. For information in Danish, please refer to the Danish description.


Dir: Rani Massalha - 85 min - Palæstina/Italien/Tyskland/Frankrig


Dir: Kai Stänicke - 3 min - Germany
A child is born. A golden boy! He grows up and has to do everything boys do. He takes his first steps, he goes to school, he gets into fights, he hurts and loves. But he still looks different and feels himself to be different. Until one special day. A tale of growing up.

Good Feelings

Dir: Benoit Rambourg - 22 min - France
Grace, tenderness and strength are the tools of a kinesi-therapist, who helps a young handicapped man to get mentally and physically ready for a great competition. Maybe the greatest challenge of his life: He is an archer with the potential to reach the shortlist of The Paralympic Games.

Good luck

Dir: Katrina Sauskina - 9 min - Denmark
Alex isolates himself from the outside world with junk food and computer games. Until one day, when he meets Marie who gets under his skin.

Goodnight Birdy

Dir: Zara Zerny - 22 min - Denmark
When Greta's husband dies, she is convinced that she will die from sorrow. Only, that doesn't happen. The frustration of not being able to join her husband makes Greta isolate herself from her uncomprehending family. The heart has its own ways of surviving, and a sudden meeting with a couple of wise old ladies changes Greta’s perspective.


Dir: Edouard Salier - 22 min - France
Director Martin Strange Hansen is showing his favorite short film

Hannibal & Jerry

Dir: Michael Wikke & Steen Rasmussen - 75 min - Danmark
This film is screened in Danish without any English subtitles. For information in Danish, please refer to the Danish description.

Hans Christian Andersen at the Photograper’s

Dir: Jørgen Roos - 13 min - Denmark
Based on 160 different photographs, Roos has made a cheerful portrait of famous writer Hans Christian Andersen. The photos of the famous writer were taken from when he was 45 years old and till his death at the age of 70. The film is a study in attitudes and the facial expressions of a popular writer.

Have Sweet Dreams

Dir: Ciprian Suhar - 20 min - Romania
In a modest family, the difficult struggle for survival is burdened by the weakness of the adults, yet two young boys are trying to live out their dreams. Their father’s drinking habit often puts his family in difficult situations: His sons have no choice but to pick him up and drag him back home from the local joints.


Dir: Josefine Kirkeskov - 29 min - Denmark
Victoria introduces her boyfriend, Oskar, to her parents in their beautiful bohemian home in Mallorca. After 25 years of happy marriage, Victoria’s parents represent the ideal of eternal love. However, Victoria’s image of love, lust and partnership is up for review when she realizes that her parents have opened up their home (and relationship) to a young Spanish artist.


Dir: Jelena Maksimovic & Ivan Salatic - 20 min - Serbia, Montenegro
The film reflects fragile parent-child relationship which is presented through the patchwork consisted of various found footage materials intervened with images of Sashka, a girl who lives in present-day Belgrade. The found footage were partly used as a depiction of our parents who were building, but also destroying and abandoning the idea of Yugoslavia. The images of Sashka may be considered as a portrait of the generation that lives in gap between lost identity of their parents and the one to be found.


Dir: Anders Walter - 23 min - Denmark

Here are the Railways

Dir: Theodor Christensen - 25 min - Denmark
A documentary classic depicting activities around the clock at Fredericia Railway Station in 1948, still one of the busiest railway stations in the country today. A tribute to community, solidarity and everyday heroism.

Hide Your Eyes

Dir: Mads Erichsen - 12 min - Denmark
Anabel hopes to win her ex-girlfriend Hanna back and invites her to her new apartment. Hanna has accepted the invitation, but she has her own agenda: she wants to confront Hanna with rumours of infidelity. Will they find common ground or will they have to part?

Himba Red

Dir: Apaar Tuli & Larisa Pelle - 10 min -
In a Namibian village, women of the Himba tribe colour themselves with ochre and follow their ancestral customs. A young Himba girl chooses city life, but struggles to find her place in the world. Can tribal culture and modernity co-exist?

Højt Skum – A film about Storm P.

Dir: Jørgen Vestergaard - 55 min - Denmark
Storm P. created the cartoon characters Peter and Ping who come alive in this film to tell the story of the life they shared with their creator, the artist. Storm P. made us all laugh with his cartoons, but he was also a philosopher, a writer, a serious painter and a critic of society. A funny, solemn man with a strong eye for life’s absurdities.

I Am Yours

Dir: Claudia Bille Stræde - 16 min - Denmark
Vilhelm, a Swedish officer and a married man, tastes bitter-sweet love when he falls for the beautiful Danish tightrope dancer, Cornelia. He leaves life as he knows it behind to indulge in adventures with the young circus princess. Can love flourish on soiled ground?

If I forget, you remember

Dir: Abbi Moreno - 14 min - Denmark
After a long and happy life together, Hans and Johanne Dong now stand to lose each other in their old age; Johanne has Alzheimer's and the disease causes their shared life to slip between their fingers. A local director from Odense is the woman behind this warm yet heartbreaking film.

If You Leave Me Now

Dir: Maria Eriksson - 18 min - Sweden
Frida is 19 years old and a mother to her own mother. Today is the day: she is moving out and in with her boyfriend. Finally. But then the unthinkable happens, as it inevitably does: Mother starts crying. Uncontrollably. How can Frida ever break free when her beloved mother is suffocating her with guilt?


Dir: Bernard De Rycke - 19 min - Belgium
Two boys. One girl. An empty road. Boredom, violence. The quiet rural beauty of a cornfield under grey skies interrupted only by shouts in the distance. The what and why can be found in the darkest corners of the human soul.

In Darkness

Dir: Gustav Möller - 29 min - Denmark
A brutal story about a woman’s intense struggle to escape a closed psychiatric ward: Will she ever be able to break through the thick walls? Will she ever reach the outside? What can she do to escape this hell on earth?

In the Corner

Dir: Maciej Bartosz KRUK - 21 min - Poland
Twenty-year-old Iza is a promising boxer. She has been preparing for an important fight under the watchful eyes of her father – an aging trainer with whom she shares the passion for the sport. Before the fight, the father makes her a difficult proposal: he can fix the fight.

In The Distance

Dir: Florian Grolig - 8 min - Germany
A man lives a quiet life with his chicken in a penthouse apartment. Rain or shine, the two of them share their daily routines on top of the world. Outside forces, however, threaten their lonely existence. Chaos lurks in the distance and each night, it draws closer.


Dir: Andreas Rosforth-Johnsen, Nis Boye Rasmussen - 57 min - Denmark


Dir: Albert Maysles - 83 min - usa


Dir: Giedrius Tamosevicius - 22 min - Lithuania
Tom's parental rights are restricted. He can see his daughter Urte only in the child protection agency’s office in the presence of an agency supervisor and his ex-wife. Tom still has Urte’s beloved toy ‘Jackie’, but cannot come to terms with the situation. He decides that desperate measures have to be taken.

Jeanne d’Arc

Dir: Kristian Sejrbo Lidegaard - 34 min - Denmark
Jeanne is a young French woman, who lives with her Danish boyfriend Werner in an occupied building in Copenhagen neighborhood Amager. One night she intercepts a mysterious signal on their police radio. She tells Werner that she has been scorched by an illuminated star portal and felt the presence of an extraterrestrial being in the darkness. Their relationship struggles to bear the weight of her increasingly radical belief in contact with outer space.

Jiro Dreams of Sushi

Dir: David Gelb - 81 min - USA
Professor, Ole G. Mouritsen is showing a film about sushi and gives us a story of passion and science.

Julie & Julia

Dir: Nora Ephron - 123 min - USA
This film is screened in Danish without any English subtitles. For information in Danish, please refer to the Danish description.


Dir: Eyup Kus - 3 min - Austria
As a true product of this exciting age of technological convergence, this film captures Japanese dancer Kaori Ito dancing for her life, while the animated 3D-world comes crumbling down around her. Internationally renowned sound artist and singer Matthew Dear provides the score.

Karla og Jonas

Dir: Charlotte Sachs Bostrup - 85 min - Danmark
This film is screened in Danish without any English subtitles. For information in Danish, please refer to the Danish description.

Karla og Katrine

Dir: Charlotte Sachs Bostrup - 87 min - Danmark
This film is screened in Danish without any English subtitles. For information in Danish, please refer to the Danish description.

Karlas Kabale

Dir: Charlotte Sachs Bostrup - 92 min - Danmark
"This film is screened in Danish without any English subtitles. For information in Danish, please refer to the Danish description


Dir: Anders Walter - 23 min - Denmark
Katusha is a talented violinist, who has recently been accepted at The Royal Danish Academy of Music. Before she moves to Copenhagen, she will play a concert in the village where she was born and raised. On the programme is one of her own compositions, dedicated to her father. When her father doesn’t show up, it only confirms a well-known pattern.

Keeping Balance

Dir: Bernhard Wenger - 6 min - Austria
The Viennese amusement park Prater for the Tagada has a regular visitor. Her name is Denise, and her daily ride on the merry-go-round distracts from painful memories of the past. When music is playing, and lights are spinning, the world is a blur.


Dir: Ingvar Cronhammar, Christoffer Boe - 8 min - Denmark
Kill is the product of a collaborative effort between a visual artist and a director. They plunged into the unknown and challenged each other to break free from their usual working methods. The result is an experiment where two artists have worked together to define artistic expression every step of the way.


Dir: Sune Kofod Maglegaard - 4 min - Denmark
Malte’s mother and father are fighting. Malte nourishes/practises a violent fantasy in which he harms his parents by the power of thought getting them to stop fighting and notice him.


Dir: Frederik Louis Hviid - 30 min - Denmark
Responsibility is a heavy load to carry and David’s options are diminishing. He is no longer able to find the resources to pay off his stepfather’s debt. Reluctantly, David agrees to take the step from petty crimes to a large-scale bank robbery orchestrated by his friend, Philip.


Dir: Natalja Hammerich Binzer - 7 min - Denmark
Adina is behind the counter in her dad’s corner shop when an armed girl enters. What follows is a culture clash between the three biggest stereotypes in Copenhagen.


Dir: Kaspar Munk - 10 min - Denmark


Dir: Sue Dunham - 4 min - United Kingdom, Canada
“My name is Klementhro. Without my paddle, I have nowhere to go”. Klementhro may not have it all, but at least he has his paddle to direct him through the world. What happens if he loses his dear paddle? It is not easy to navigate with empty hands.

La Fleche Delta

Dir: francesco Vecchi - 9 min - France, Italy
What’s that noise in the dead of the night? An odd group playing bingo in a medieval chapel in the middle of a forest; a priest, some peasants and a whole lot of very strange creatures competing to win; all of it accompanied by the energetic music of a carnival that takes place on the chapel’s brightly lit roof.

Last lunch

Dir: Miha Subic - 4 min - Slovenien
A man goes into a restaurant and has to wait a long time for his food to arrive, which has fatal consequences.


Dir: Simon Mesa Soto - 17 min - Colombia
Leidi lives with her mom and her baby. Her boyfriend, Alexis, hasn’t shown up for days. One sunny morning, after bathing her baby, Leidi goes out to buy plantains. Outside, a guy tells her that he has seen Alexis with another girl. Leidi won’t return home until she finds the father of her child. Will he take on his duty as a father?

Life is Sacred

Dir: Andreas Dalsgaard - 103 min - Denmark, Colombia
The unconventional professor and politician Antana Mockus is fighting for fundamental changes and peace, in the ever bloody Colombia, with weapons like pencils, flowers, flashmobs and mimes.

We follow Antana Mockus and one of his idealistic youth leaders, the 22 year old Katherine Miranda. With their colourful band of followers, they fight against powerful and corrupt opponents, but have to realise, that the road to change in a society this corrupt, is more difficult than you can imagine.

The fight for peace and democracy demands smart winners and fair loosers, especially in one of the most violent countries in the world. But victories can come in the most unexpected forms. The pricewinning danish instructor has followed Antanas Mockus and Katherine Miranda and their unique approach to politics for five years.

Light Motif

Dir: frederic.bonpapa@gmail.com - 5 min - France, United Kingdom
Can music be seen? Perhaps in this experimental film based on a visual transposition of Music for 18 Musicians – Section II by the American composer Steve Reich. It captures the extraordinary life force that animates this essential work of contemporary music by offering a truly hypnotic experience.


Dir: Hamy Ramezan & Rungano Nyoni - 13 min - Denmark, Finland
A woman in a burqa brings her young son to a Copenhagen police station to file a complaint against her abusive husband, but the translator assigned to her seems unwilling to convey the true meaning of her words. A tense, diamond-hard film about cultural isolation and bureaucratic ignorance.

Lukas & the Aspies

Dir: Anders Gustafsson - 26 min - Denmark
12-year-old Lukas is just like any other tween. He fights with his kid brother, has a number of hobbies, including playing in a band. He also has Asperger’s Syndrome. One weekend, Lukas comes home to celebrate his brother’s birthday, but it somehow doesn’t proceed as planned.


Dir: Sofie Bergstein - 10 min - Denmark
After Luna is born, her mother Maria has a hard time bonding with her and taking good care of her.

Marie’s Dictionary

Dir: Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee - 10 min - USA
Meet Marie Wilcox and her dictionary. Marie is the last fluent speaker of the Wukchumni language, and this is dictionary she created in an effort to keep her language alive against all odds.


Dir: Slawomir Shuty - 6 min - Poland
In a Slavic creation myth, the gods arise from nothingness to form life on Earth. In this cosmos, constant evolution takes place. Colourful shape-shifting symbols surround the heart of all creation: the mother goddess.


Dir: Simão Cayatte - 15 min - Portugal
She wants it so much. So badly. But does she have the talent? She goes to auditions. She dreams of a brilliant career. A teenage girl’s hope of becoming famous gradually turns into a dangerous obsession. What must she do to reach her goal?


Dir: Milad Alami - 13 min - Denmark, Sweden
A teenage girl is throwing a houseparty while her daughter is present. As her friends start to head off into town the young mother struggles to put her daughter to bed so she can join her friends. Balancing the parenting role and teenage life.

Morning prayers

Dir: Konstantina Kotzamani, Katarina Stankovic - 18 min - Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, Serbia
A teenage boy and a girl meet in the bathroom of a nightclub. High on drugs, they wander around aimlessly through the streets of Sarajevo and talk about random things. They end up in an apartment and fool around until, at some point, this carefree atmosphere is interrupted by someone else’s presence.

My Gal, Rosemarie

Dir: Jason Tippet - 16 min - USA
On the outskirts of Los Angeles, the ageing couple Rosemarie and Ray lead a quiet life in an apartment cluttered with the remnants of a half century of marriage. Having no savings, their minimal social security checks having gone straight to covering rent every month, Ray collects cans to get a little cash together so he can grant Rosemarie her one and only 90th birthday wish: a trip to In 'N' Out for hamburgers.


Dir: Sarah Neumann - 8 min - Germany
A young woman is listening to music in her bathtub when suddenly she can hear that someone else is present in the apartment.


Dir: Christian Haahr - 19 min - Denmark
Nini Theilade is a world-famous ballet dancer and choreographer. She has taught and danced in the entire world, and at the age of 97, she continues to teach. This is the film of Nini Theilade’s last choreography, anitras dance, and the eternally passionate soul, Nini Theilade.

No Man’s Land

Dir: David Adler - 20 min - Denmark
The Western Front, 1916: Robert and Anton are soldiers stranded in a bomb crater in the middle of nowhere, caught between two armies. In the blistering heat, the two men approach each other while they wait to be rescued or another French attack – whichever comes first.


Dir: Oscar Anker Wiedemann - 6 min - Denmark
Jesper is eager to propose to his girlfriend Sofie, but it’s difficult for him to get through to her: she is preoccupied by all the important pics, updates and comments she receives on her phone. Despite his presence, Jesper is the last person in the line after news updates and friends.

Of Silt and Sludge

Dir: Clara Hartmann Henningsen - 9 min - Denmark
A young woman and an older woman meet under circumstances that ought to make them enemies. Instead, they start talking.

Off the highway

Dir: Rhona Mühlebach - 22 min - Switzerland
Roman and Linda, an older couple that don’t have much in common anymore besides drinking Bloody Marys, are on a bike ride through the Swiss mountains. Roman rides a normal bike although he is out of shape. Linda rides an electrical bike. Their trip quickly becomes more complicated than expected when they suddenly find themselves at a crossroads.

Once There Was A Hunter

Dir: Mathias Elmose - 9 min - Denmark
Deep in the woods lives a nice old lady. But she may not be that nice at all. She keeps a young man as her obedient servant; a shadow of a man, who obeys her every command. One day, she sends the young man out into the woods, where he discoverers an artifact that will change everything.

Our Fathers’ Sons

Dir: Ulaa Salim - 8 min - Denmark
A generation gap between father and son – between two people by the same blood but with different culture – can be a seemingly unsurmountable obstacle. Could the discovery of the father’s weaknesses be the first step towards an understanding and make them face their differences?

Out of Love

Dir: Birgitte Stærmose - 29 min - Denmark
Martin Strange Hansen is showing his favorite short film


Dir: Jorn Threlfall - 14 min - United Kingdom
A crime scene? During the course of nine wide shots, an intriguing story unfolds. What has happened in this quiet neighborhood? Beneath the idyllic exterior, depravity lurks. A murder, a hit-and-run, an accident? The answer concerns us all.


Dir: Jesper Quistgaard - 29 min - Denmark
In a hostile, post-apocalyptic world in decay, Asger, a protective father, has isolated himself and his teenage daughter, Clara, on a small island away from the horrors of the mainland. However, when Asger discovers that Clara has an infected wound on her wrist, the search for antibiotics in a deserted hospital quickly escalates into a dangerous encounter.

Paris On The Water

Dir: Hadas Ayalon - 29 min - Israel
Eighty-year-old Bathya is a passionate woman and former movie star, imprisoned in a sick body and forced to accept her age. After years of emptiness, frustration and the jealously of watching the rising career of her husband, she is offered a part in a German movie, and is vigorously preparing for the audition!


Dir: Antje Heyn - 8 min - Tyskland
This film is screened in Danish without any English subtitles. For information in Danish, please refer to the Danish description.

Pippi får besøg af tyveknægte

Dir: Astrid Lindgren, Olle Hellbom - 30 min - Sverige
This film is screened in Danish without any English subtitles. For information in Danish, please refer to the Danish description.

Pippi finder en spunk

Dir: Astrid Lindgren, Olle Hellbom - 30 min - Sverige
This film is screened in Danish without any english subtitles. For information in Danish, please refer to the Danish description.

Pippi flytter ind i villaen

Dir: Astrid Lindgren, Olle Hellbom - 30 min - Sverige
This film is screened in Danish without any English subtitles. For information in Danish, please refer to the Danish description.

Pippi går i tivoli

Dir: Astrid Lindgren, Olle Hellbom - 30 min - Sverige
This film is screened in Danish without any English subtitles. For information in Danish, please refer to the Danish description.

Pippi i den første sne

Dir: Astrid Lindgren, Olle Hellbom - 30 min - Sverige
This film is screened in Danish without any English subtitles. For information in Danish, please refer to the Danish description.

Pippi på indkøb

Dir: Astrid Lindgren, Olle Hellbom - 30 min - Sverige
This film is screened in Danish without any English subtitles. For information in Danish, please refer to the Danish description.

Pippi tager på udflugt

Dir: Astrid Lindgren, Olle Hellbom - 30 min - Sverige
This film is screened in Danish without any English subtitles. For information in Danish, please refer to the Danish description.

Pippis ballontur

Dir: Astrid Lindgren, Olle Hellbom - 30 min - Sverige
This film is screened in Danish without any English subtitles. For information in Danish, please refer to the Danish description.

Pippis jul

Dir: Astrid Lindgren, Olle Hellbom - 30 min - Sverige
This film is screened in Danish without any English subtitles. For information in Danish, please refer to the Danish description.

Planes in the night

Dir: Tobias Gundorff Boesen - 38 min - Danmark
9-year-old Valdemar lives alone with his father Bo in a dilapidated farmhouse. Father and son are best friends, but Bo is has a drinking problem and Valdemar is often forced to be the grown-up around the house. Valdemar suspects the social worker of planning to forcibly remove him from home, and begins an imaginary battle to defend the farm. Seeing his son fight for their future gives Bo the reason to look deep within himself and make a change before it is too late.

Planet ∑

Dir: Momoko Seto - 12 min - France
A frozen world suspended in space: On Planet ∑, giant creatures are trapped inside the ice. Underwater explosions provoke a global warming, and new life begins. Planet ∑ is the third part of the Planet series after Planet A (2008) and Planet Z (2011).

Polaroid People

Dir: Jonathan Gelvan, Alex Lussenburg - 9 min - Denmark
If you end up on a polaroid picture, it is usually a sign of your imminent death. That’s the rule in this setting, and Steve and Jake will make sure that you die. However, a new assignment makes it clear that this time, only one of them will make it out alive.

Puff puff pas

Dir: Thomas Daneskov - 27 min - Denmark
When Rasmus visits his father after several months of having no contact with him, he is confronted with his worst fears. Gone camping alone in the family’s summer cottage, his father has gone momentarily insane as he is drinking beyond comprehension while trying to finish a sci-fi novel. The weekend turns out to be a necessary escape for father and son, away from everyday life.


Dir: Tove Pils - 25 min -
Siri is at a turning point. Is society stopping her from living life to the fullest? Or are her own inhibitions holding her back? Either way, it is not easy to follow your dreams; being who you want to be, screaming when you want to scream – or fulfilling your fantasy about dominating someone else sexually. Sometimes a friendly push in the right direction is all you need.

Reality +

Dir: Coralie Fargeat - 22 min - France
In the near future, you can buy access to an “improved reality”. A chip implanted in the brain affects nerve impulses associated with the five senses: Your perception of reality is changed and you see yourself with a perfect physical form. All people equipped with the Reality+ enhancement see this new look and you can see theirs.


Dir: Ewa Górzna - 10 min - Finland
A beautifully set table becomes the stage of an unexpected transformation. The established order – resting on a white tablecloth – is challenged by surreal logic, whose forces move across the conventional space with unrestrained turbulence.

Red Dogz

Dir: Anne Chlosta - 24 min - Germany
Kim is 23 and tough as hell. In every sense of the word. She likes to hang out with the “Red Dogz”, a group of loyal soccer fans that get into big, brutal fights, especially with the archenemy, the “Blue Bastards”. When Kim plunges headfirst into an affair with Blue Bastard Ben, things start to spin out of control.


Dir: Osi Wald - 5 min -
An Israeli actor has landed a supporting role in a major Hollywood production. On the day of his departure to the other Promised Land, he embarks on an inner journey as well. He is on the verge of giving in to his fears: Will the line ‘All the hostages are safe and all the Arabs have been killed’ be said in the right way?

Rocky Horror Picture Show

Dir: Jim Sharman - 120 min - United Kingdom/USA
Richard O’Brien’s ultimate cult classic parodies and pays homage to the sci-fi and B-horror movies of the fifties. We meet newlyweds Brad and Janet on a dark and stormy night as they seek shelter in a desolate castle. Here, they meet a cast of unlikely inhabitants; the tap-dancing groupie Columbia, incestuous servants Riff Raff and Magenta, and, most importantly, the eccentric transvestite Frank-N-Furter.


Dir: Irene Dragasaki - 10 min - Greece
Athens on a hot summer’s day: A group of children hangs around the schoolyard. The classrooms are empty and the sun is scorching. A waterballoon falls from the sky and starts a water fight – game on! In this game, you play till you drop.

Selfdestructive Robot

Dir: Trygve Nielsen - 3 min - Norway
Sigmund Freud probably had something else in mind when he articulated the concept of the death drive. However, this is death drive made operational as only a robot can. This near-future horror vision is also a 12-bar blues performed by mechanical voices and crumbling urban structures. Boom! Wizz! Kapow! Welcome to the future!

Sergio Herman, Fucking Perfect

Dir: Willemiek Kluijfhout - 90 min - Netherlands
This programme is screened in Danish without any English subtitles. For information in Danish, please refer to the Danish description.

Seriously Deadly Silence

Dir: Sara Koppel - 2 min - Denmark
One minute; sixty seconds: sixty pictures of sixty endangered species. The world will never be the same without them. Can we afford to lose them forever? What shall we do? What can we do?

Seven Boats

Dir: Hlynur Pálmason - 10 min - Denmark
A man at sea fights for his life. He is surrounded by seven boats.

Seven Minutes in the Warsaw Ghetto

Dir: Johan Oettinger - 8 min - Denmark
Warsaw, 1942. Eight-year old Samek lives with his mother and grandmother in the ghetto. He plays in the courtyard, and through a hole in the wall, surrounding the ghetto, he sees a carrot lying on the sidewalk on the other side of the street. Unaware that two SS guards are watching him from the other side of the wall, Samek tries to reach the carrot with a piece of wire.

seven times a day we bemoan our lot and at night we get up to avoid dreaming

Dir: Susann Maria Hempel - 18 min - Germany
A cinematic devotional book. This film interviews an unemployable sufferer (and his fellows) living in the East German countryside. The sufferer lost his memory in 1989 and started having vivid repetitive nightmares so horrible that no one should have to experience them.


Dir: Christian Bengtson - 23 min - Denmark
Stella is 18 years old and she won’t be celebrating New Year’s with her mom, Anita - for the first time ever. Instead, she is going to a party with some older guys. Anita, suddenly realizing that her daughter is growing up, pictures her own future. A life of loneliness awaits when Stella someday chooses to leave for good.


Dir: Jamie Donoughue - 22 min - Kosovo / United Kingdom
Based on true events during the Kosovan War when the country was occupied by Serbia, this is the story of two Kosovan boys, Petrit and Oki. After Oki buys a bike, Petrit is desperate to have one of his own, and in pursuit of his goal, drags Oki into ever more risky situations until both of their lives are in danger.


Dir: Christian K. Norvalls - 7 min - Norges
A man takes a bath in a public shower when suddenly he hears strange noises coming from one of the other guests.


Dir: Annika Berg - 29 min - Denmark
This is no ordinary day in the life of 93 year-old Sia. It is her last. And Sia is no ordinary woman – in her own words, “I’ve always been a bit nuts”. This is a rainbow-tinted moment in time in her many-splendored jungle of memories. A hybrid documentary-fictional portrait of death, and life, between sunrise and until the sun sets in the west.


Dir: Marine Koenig - 12 min - Belgium
Skin encloses you and forms a screen to the world. To a tattooed woman, skin is also a canvas for her continued storytelling. “What it enfolds, I touch, and what it shows, I explore”. It's mine and yours. Skin bears witness to our lives, and this film recounts the stories of the skin.


Dir: Jonatan Etzler - 15 min - Sverige
This film is screened in Danish without any English subtitles. For information in Danish, please refer to the Danish description.


Dir: Mikkel Sørensen - 25 min - Denmark
Are memories an obstacle to peace and reconciliation for someone who has lost everything? You must travel deep into the darkness in order to find the way out. Joakim is an old man looking for peace of mind. He wants to erase his painful past, but he may have to face it one last time to finally cast off his life’s nightmare.


Dir: An Vrombaut - 9 min - Belgien
This film is screened in Danish without any English subtitles. For information in Danish, please refer to the Danish description


Dir: Kasper Torsting - 77 min - Denmark

Solo Rex

Dir: François Bierry - 23 min - Belgium, France
Erik is a solitary woodcutter. Kevin is the young conductor of the village’s cycling brass band. Erik never goes out without his old mare. Kevin is keen on the clarinetist. The clarinetist is crazy about horses. Erik doesn’t know how to communicate. And Kevin doesn’t know how to flirt. They are both going to have to learn!

SongBird’s Shop

Dir: Anatoliy Lavrenishyn - 18 min - Ukraine
In 1682, during his last trip to the Ottoman Empire, Antoine Galland wrote down a couple of stories as told by a wandering monk. Centuries have passed; now, it is time to tell the most fantastic stories of the collection. Here is a story about birds with human faces and voices that will melt your heart.


Dir: Rosto - 11 min - Belgium, France, Netherlands
En ambulance med en samling søvnige musikalske ånder kører gennem byen uden klare retningslinjer. Måske er endestationen i syne, da kæden i bogstaveligste forstand hopper af og rockens mest udsyrede kældermennesker er i frit fald.


Dir: Dan Radu Mihai - 24 min - Serbia, Romania
Viorel is 12 years old and he lives with his grandfather in a village near the Danube. Mirko is the son of the local police officer in the village on the Serbian side of the Danube. The two children have a remote controlled small boat which they use to send each other various objects. When Viorel finds a gun in his grandfather’s attic, their lives starts to change.

Storm Hits Jacket

Dir: Paul Cabon - 13 min - France
A storm takes two scientists, who are in the middle of an important discovery, by surprise. Not only that; they also get involved in industrial espionage and an unexpected ménage à trois.

Storm P. Inventions

Dir: Jørgen Vestergaard - 15 min - Denmark
The disproportion between a small problem and its complicated solution is the gist of Storm P.’s series of drawings, Inventions, created from 1910 until the late 1940s. This puppet film recreates the drawings in colour and makes their original satire on a society in blind worship of technology and efficiency come alive.

Stray Dogs

Dir: Minka Farthing-Kohl - 8 min - USA
The sun is merciless. Frank is waiting for the bus. A stranger asks to borrow his phone. Stray dogs roam the streets.


Dir: martin rahmlow - 4 min - Germany
Amorphous versus geometric forms. A collaboration between German animator Martin Rahmlow and the French musician Ybrid, an experimental, abstract and animated journey into a mysterious world. VFX-artist Tim Liebe joined the team to complete this mesmerizing experience through the darkness.


Dir: Mikkel Munch-Fals - 100 min - Denmark


Dir: Martin Vinther Bavngaard - 8 min - Denmark
Steen is a lonely man. One day, an incident results in him giving birth to a tenderloin that becomes his best friend.

Take me

Dir: Anaïs Barbeau-Lavalette - 10 min - Canada
A nurse, working in an institution for the disabled, is confronted with his own principles when he is asked to accomplish a particular task. Will he do as asked? It is a question of big courage even it is a little thing to do.


Dir: Marie Grahtø - 30 min - Denmark
Sally, 17, is locked up at Teenland, a prison-like institution for teens who have developed supernatural powers as a reaction to intense emotional strain. The mission is to normalize the misfit teens and Sally accepts that she is sick and abnormal. Everything changes, however, when Sally encounters power sociopath Ting-e-ling.

The Canvas

Dir: Soma Biro - 8 min - Denmark
A film about an artist who loses the connection with unconditional love, the art, his childhood leaving him with the illusion of hope.

The Chicken

Dir: Una Gunjak - 15 min - Germany, Croatia
As a present for her 6th birthday, Selma gets a live chicken. When she realizes that the animal is going to be killed to feed the family, she decides to save it and set it free – unaware of the consequences of her actions. While trying to bring back the missing chicken, Selma's mother becomes the target of a sniper shoot. It is Sarajevo, 1993.

The facts of life

Dir: Jonas Kyed - 4 min - Denmark
A girl and a boy meet at a party and end up having sex. Following, we view the story from the point of view of their respective private parts.

The Field

Dir: Asier Altuna - 14 min - Spain
Arid soil, sun and wind. A religious procession crosses the landscape in silent hope. The echoes of their sincere prayers bring the rain. Once again, one of God’s great miracles happens and brings new life to the earth.

The Fish and I

Dir: Babak Habibifar - 6 min - Iran
A blind man waters his lonely plant in the kitchen. By accident, he pushes his fish bowl and fish off the counter top. The glass bowl breaks, and the fish squirms helplessly on the floor. What can a blind man do to find the fish before it is too late?

The flesh

Dir: Louise Lemoine Torrès & William Henne - 15 min - France/Belgium
Our society is now optimized to best serve the economy, the dogma and the continued reproduction. Nothing else is important. Human feelings are abandoned. Love is eradicated. The woman's body has been reduced to the function of giving birth. Welcome to a brave new world!

The Fly

Dir: Olly Williams - 6 min - United Kingdom
A tough-looking guy sits at the wheel of a getaway car outside the closed doors of a bank. He is tense, nervous; checks the doors, checks his watch, chews his toothpick. A helicopter flies overhead, a siren sounds in the distance, and he checks the surrounding area nervously. Then he hears a fly!

The French Revolution

Dir: Hai Afik - 21 min - Israel
Noni and Tamar live a quiet life with their little girl. One evening, after Noni has put his daughter to bed and the couple is ready for dinner, they hear screams in the street and Noni opens the window and asks for silence. After a brief moment, they hear someone knocking at their door. Two young men, drunk and nervous, enter the room.

The House Inside Her

Dir: Pernille Rose Grønkjær, Astrid Kruse Jensen - 8 min - Denmark
The House Inside Her is the result of a partnership between a painter and a director, whose aim it is to explore unknown territories and challenge each other to go beyond usual working methods. The result is an experiment where two artists have worked together to define artistic expression every step of the way.

The Jacket

Dir: Patrick Vollrath - 10 min - Germany
A boy and a girl. It could be love. It looks like love. However, there is also a jacket and the jacket will change everything. What will you do to get your jacket back from a rough guy who wants to challenge? How much is a jacket worth?

The Joy of Everyday Life

Dir: Sanna Liljander - 7 min - Fonland
Everyday life. Oh, what a joy? Sitting at a table with her child, a mother looks tired. The child is eating well. So far so good! But Onni is crying. Crying, crying and crying! What is a mother to do with this constant crying?


Dir: Mikkel Nørgaard - 97 min - Denmark
Police inspector Carl Mørk is put in charge of department Q, a department for cold cases, joined only by his assistant, Assad. They dig into a case about a missing politician, Merete Lynggaard, and defy the disapproval of their superiors in order to uncover the full extent of its sinister secrets.

The Noisemaker

Dir: Karolis Kaupinis - 15 min - Lithuania
A school in the province is expecting a visit from an official ministerial delegation. The delegation is bringing a new school bell, but paradoxically, a school bell is last on the list of needs of this school: they are in immediate need of students, and the principal is doing everything he can to mask the shortage and avoid closing of the school.

The Other Side

Dir: Guðmundur Einar - 9 min - Denmark
A young man is trapped in a conflict between his friends, who are pulling him deeper into crime and his family, who wants him to leave the destructive criminal environment.

The Owl

Dir: Andrias Høgenni - 15 min - Denmark, Faroe Islands
Malan sneaks a peek at the contents of her boyfriend’s cellphone; only to discover a lot of explicit text messages sent to a woman she doesn't know. Her boyfriend appears to have been cheating on her for what seems like a long time. Furious, Malan storms out of her house to confront the woman but the showdown takes an unexpected turn.

The painter

Dir: Hlynur Pàlmason - 30 min - Denmark
A successful artist is living alone, isolated. Driven only by his work, he finds himself at a loss when he is forced to deal with an unannounced visit by his son. What follows shifts his world out of its careful balance.

The private detectives

Dir: Kasper Buur - 11 min - Denmark
Carsten is dreaming of becoming a policeman. He has applied for the police academy several times, but still hasn’t been accepted. To demonstrate that the police academy are making a huge mistake by not accepting him, he starts his own detective agency.

The Story of a Mother

Dir: Jørgen Vestergaard - 21 min - Denmark
A mother sat by her little child. She was so sad, so afraid he would die. Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale is a timeless story about human despair and final acceptance of God’s will. Set in a suburban concrete desert, this puppet adaptation has chosen a stark interpretation of the classic fairy tale.

The Taste of Fences

Dir: Sinung Winahyoko - 15 min - Indonesia
This family takes care of guests in a special way. The son of the house puts on a blindfold to cover his eyes and walks to the next house to please the guest. The mother rents out her own son to anybody who wants some pleasure. The first guest is satisfied with the service. Then comes another.

The tree

Dir: Sare Shafipour - 5 min - Iran
A tree, a woman and a country: This film tells the story of deep roots.

The Wanderer

Dir: Simon Ternowitz - 6 min - Denmark
A nature spirit is born in a lake at dawn and goes through life in the course of one day. The spirit discovers itself and its surroundings, as it passes through the forest while growing up, trying to follow and make way for the light from the sun.

The Wanderer

Dir: Peter Dourountzis - 20 min - France
Djé has come to Paris for the weekend; no one's expecting him or missing him. He discreetly slips through the shadows, walking the streets in an attempt to remedy his boredom. A chameleon and outsider, he spends the hours socializing and drinking. Wandering through the city.

The way of tea

Dir: Marc Fouchard - 21 min - France
A small town in Northern France, Alex, a young skinhead, enters Malik’s grocery store. Alex has no respect for Malik. He’s a racist and makes a scene in the store. Malik, however, is a quiet man and does what a real man has to do: He offers Alex a cup of tea!

The wild hearts

Dir: Michael noer - 82 min - denmark
Join Michael Noer and the amazing Funish Moped gang on an adventurous journey. The Wild Hearts is a roadmovie about a group of young people and their search for identity, recognition and love. Their fellowship and their individual dreams are being put to the test as the group ventures out on a moped trip down the roads of Europe.

The Winner

Dir: Dávid Géczy - 20 min - Hungary
An elderly lifeguard gets his medical diagnosis: He has to abstain from all sporting activity. This would not be a problem if he did not happen to be an enthusiastic swimming coach and ex-Olympic champion, who is racing with his younger self night after night; still not able to make peace with himself.

Towards the peak of the mountain

Dir: Jacob Pilgaard - 23 min - Denmark
A soldier journeys home from the war to bury his father; a journey, that also becomes a personal break with his past.

Tranquility of blood

Dir: Senad Sahmanovic - 22 min - Montenegro (Republic of)
In an unfortunate conflict with their neighbors’ son, a Man and a Woman lose their own son. The Man swears to avenge the death of their son in his lifetime which forces the neighbors to send their son abroad, where he must stay until the vengeful Man is dead.


Dir: Lauri Astala - 10 min - Finland
Collective visual ideas and notions of the urban environment merge in this depiction of New York. Through camera movements, angles and framings, the city shifts into a fictitious urban space, whose visual familiarity stems from the history of film.


Dir: Sofie Kampmark - 8 min - Denmark
Haru returns home in complete denial after a tsunami has destroyed everything he owned. Trapped inside his wrecked house, he discovers a Spirit of the Sea. After initially ignoring it, he soon realizes that the creature is drying out and dying. Haru faces reality and makes a choice to forgive and accept.


Dir: Jordan Schiele - 15 min - United States, China, Singapore
One afternoon in Beijing, a young construction worker approaches cars at an intersection to sell them a turtle. He gets in a stranger’s car and receives an offer in exchange for a simple job: To stand in for a portrait. He enters an odd world of transaction with an older woman whose offer conceals the true nature of their deal.


Dir: Pedro Carvalho - 8 min - Denmark
In a fast-paced city, the kind vagabond Dio and his dog Loppe are the only ones taking the time to enjoy life and each other’s company. When Loppe is taken from him, Dio goes on a desperate chase through the huge, busy city to retrieve his beloved companion.

Very lonely Cock

Dir: Leonid Shmelkov - 6 min - Russian Federation
It is a hard day for the very lonely cock. Perhaps tomorrow it’ll be better. Who knows? Anyway, it can’t get any worse. Or can it? Not only is the production of eggs at stake for the very lonely cock, in this strange world everything is getting stranger by the minute.

Vitello graver et hul

Dir: Dorte Bengtson - 7 min - Danmark
This film is screened in Danish without any English subtitles. For information in Danish, please refer to the Danish description.


Dir: Stella Kyriakopoulos - 11 min - Greece
A mother and her daughter start out from downtown Athens and head to the northern suburbs of the city. Nina thinks she's going on a normal walk with her mother but this is not a day like all others. It is a day which will change their lives forever.

When the sun shines

Dir: Frederik Barington - 24 min - Denmark
A dying boy’s opinions about life and death are put to the test when he meets a young girl.


Dir: William Reynish - 13 min - Denmark
Mira suffers from heartache and feels empty inside. Her friend attempts to fill out Mira’s emptiness with vodka and parties, but as Mira meets the 500 year-old shaman Uhlrik, a more holistic solution arises: Mira must find her power animal to regain her inner strength. But after being put into a drum-induced trance, Mira meets something entirely unexpected.

With joy and merriness

Dir: Jeanne Boukraa - 6 min - Belgium
Through everyday scenes in the life of man and woman, boy and girl, degeneration of a society moves towards an eternal civilization. Dr. Frankenstein dreamed of creating immortal life. The rise of technology today leads the population to the biggest dream of all men: We want to live forever! Can we?


Dir: Roman Kaelin & Falko Paeper & Florian Wittmann - 5 min - Germany
The deterioration of one organism is the foundation of another life. The never-ending interplay of eating and being eaten reaches new dimensions, when the forces of nature clash with the existing structures of our society. Even the most solid things melt away over time. The only constant is change.


Dir: Niels Holstein Kaa - 40 min - Denmark, Canada
After a failed relationship, director Niels Holstein Kaa feels unhappy and stuck in Copenhagen. Hoping to regain faith in both love and happiness, he embarks on a journey to Yellowknife, a small Northwestern town in Canada, where he lived on exchange ten years ago. Niels's journey becomes a confrontation with the past, the present and the person he has become.


Dir: CÉSAR DÍAZ MELÉNDEZ - 3 min - Spain
On a winter’s morning, a little girl goes looking for firewood and comes across a blood trail in the snow. She follows the trail and runs for help. However, help is an unknown word in such dark times in such a dark world.


Dir: Jonas Ussing - 25 min - Denmark
The living dead have laid waste to Copenhagen. A lone survivor, searching for her loved one, is led to the national football stadium, where a shelter for survivors has been organized. Unfortunately, the shelter has become infected from the inside by the “walkers”!