Odense International Film Festival

OFF is Denmark’s international short film festival, and with its launch in 1975, it is also the country’s oldest film festival. OFF is a different film festival that was started with passion and creativity, a spirit that the festival has maintained and nurtured ever since. OFF celebrates the short film genre without compromise, but at the same time Odense International Film Festival is also a festival for the audience and every year we experience a massive support from the locals in the town of Odense. Hundreds sign up as volunteers, and even more visit our festival for the high quality experience that we deliver. OFF works all year to support the Danish film-culture, as well as to expand and offer diverse experiences for the people.


Celebration of the art form of short film

”Expect the unexpected” – OFF is access to the world and insight into one self. A break from the grey everyday life where obligation is replaced by adventurous desire. Desire for more. Desire for the new. Every year ’Brandts Klædefabrik’ in Odense is transformed into a magical experience. Everyone is invited, large and small, to experiences that cover the entirety of the emotional spectrum.

OFF celebrates the short film format as media and as an art form, and, above all, all the creative individuals who put their heart and soul into creating short films. In the days leading up the festival, we receive thousands of short films, both Danish and international, and our carefully selected jury selects the best of the best to be shown during OFF in sessions of five to eight short films. These sessions last up to two hours and for every screening there is always a director or another film expert at the scene to help answer any questions from the audience.

Every year the festival ends with a grand award show with ovations and celebration, where we announce the winners of our three competitions: The International Competition, the Danish Competition, and the Animated Competition.


The Competition

In 2013 we were rewarded a very prestigious title, as OFF was acknowledged as Denmark’s first Oscar qualifying film festival. This meant that we could send the winners from our Main Competition and from our Danish Competition straight to the pre-jury of the Academy Awards in Hollywood. As of 2015, we have been given yet another Oscar qualifying category, which means that the winner of the Animation Competition will also be in the running for an Oscar nomination.

However, OFF is for all lovers of cinema, and that is why, in collaboration with TV2/FYN, we give out the Audience Award as well. Everyone is part of the jury, and are able to vote for their favorite shortfilm with a text message. We also have our “Youth Jury Award”. In this category the nominated films are judged and presented by a youth jury consisting of a 8th grade class from one of the local schools, who have received training in what to look for when judging films.


Focus Programmes

Aside from the competition program that is a steady component of the program each year, OFF also introduces a focus program every year with a unique angle defined by our “Artistic Profile”. The contents of these focus programs is among other things a variety of films, debates and seminars and the audience are invited to participate and to immerse in these focus topics. However, OFF has several other things planned for the week of the festival and there are always open-air film screenings and a Talent Symposium for the students of the danish film academies. Furthermore, OFF always has an extensive program planned out for children and youths from the town of Odense ranging from the very youngest pre-schoolers to youths from Odenses high school that might carry around a dream about becoming a film maker.


The area of Brandts

All of this takes place in the area around Brandts; In the Café Biografen (Cinema), In Kulturmaskinen, in Magasinet and in the open-air area of the Amfi Theatre – and everyone is invited to take part in the festivities. Most of all of these events and film screenings are free, so everyone is invited to just walk in, have a seat and wait for the adventure to start. We do, however, recommend that you book a ticket on-line through our web-page.

Odense International Film Festival is thus not just short film in the dark and seats of red velvet. It’s an event that opens the doors to a world filled with inspiration, surprises and emotions. In the days leading up to the festival and all through the week itself, all of Odense is imbued with events, workshops, music, party, seminars, interesting guests and impressions from all over the world. – And they are all here; film critics, film people, up-comings, dreamers and marvelors – and hopefully YOU!

Get ready to experience the sweet, the fun, the sad, the sensual, and what is so OFF that is difficult to describe.

See you in August!