Each year Odense International Film Festival invites a new film personality to act as Artistic Profile. Read below for information about our different artistic profiles since we launched the concept in 2010.

2017 – Rasmus Botoft and Lisbeth Wulff

This year we have two artistic profiles: the married couple Lisbeth Wulff and Rasmus Botoft, who are both actors and scriptwriters. They have chosen to showcase the irresistible force of low-budget art and explore how creativity always finds a way.

“There is something unstoppable about the good idea, the need to tell a story you can’t hold back. It takes courage, an inner entrepreneur, self-confidence and will to transform your ideas from thought to the screen,” Botoft and Wulff say. They continue: “Inspiration exists regardless of education and other boundaries, but it takes hard work to turn the good idea into an interesting work.”

Their curated program on the following pages presents films, TV-series and excerpts from their own work as well as screenings and special guests that have inspired and informed their creative endeavours.



The art of filmmaking is cut to the bone

Birgitte Weinberger, who has been the leader of OFF since 2009, is very proud of how the design of the festival of 2017 is taking form. “Landing Rasmus and Lisbeth is a gift for the festival. With their focus on production-related challenges and the hard-hitting and raw film experiences these often give rise to, they cut the art of filmmaking to the bone. Without the basic need to create – which doesn’t consider tedious things such as budgets and resource allocation – there would be nothing to watch,” she says. “Combined with everything else the festival has to offer – from OFF Awards to the mini-festival PLAYOFF where gaming and film crosspollinate – I trust that OFF17 will be a very special experience that appeals to both the regular movie lover and everybody in the business.

2016 – Poul Nesgaard

Artistic Profile at OFF16 is Poul Nesgaard; journalist, producer, critic and former Head of the National Film School of Denmark. With a special programme curated to reflect his belief in art as a potential firestarter and necessary component of a free – and humane! – society, Poul Nesgaard pays tribute to those artists who dare swim against the current and portray the world in all its ambivalent, outrageous, painful and poetic glory. His theme for OFF16 is: ART AS CRITICAL POTENTIAL.





2015 – Ellen Hillingsø

The theme at OFF15’s War and Love. A classic subject which is heavily represented through film history and an appropriate theme as OFF this year reaches a milestone and celebrates its 40th anniversary. We are taking inventory on a passionate marriage with short films as we look back on the 40 years that have passed and gaze excitedly into the future.ellen2

As artistic profile of OFF15 Ellen Hillingsø chose a a theme close to her heart. War and Love inspires storytelling on human development and change, the journey into great emotions and freedom through the limitations. Where do we start and where we end up? There is only one darkness – ignorance. Let’s turn on the light!

Quote Ellen Hillingsø: “When you make a transformation, so it is always painful, and I generally feel that you can not create anything without pain. We grow through pain, and here the magical universe of films plays an important role: we immerse ourselves in history and in 15 minutes we can get a personal insight that can develop, change, offend or delight us. The film’s universe can show us the key which open what is on the inside – that which says something that awakens one, it gives one a Aha! experiences. Something that is completely extremely significant in that constellation, the audience. Without the audience there is no film, as there is no one to communicate and tell the story to. I look forward to presenting new and old great movies that invites contemplation, thoughtfulness, partying on the theme of love and war.”

Quote Head of Festival Birgitte Weinberger: “We’re so happy about this year’s collaboration with the artistic profile. Ellen Hillingsø is a huge competence whose dramaturgical background, professionalism and interest in life and our time central existential challenges will undoubtedly lead to focus programs that explore film language, change, seduces and immerses both inside and outside the cinema. “

Ellen Hillingsø biography:

For Ellen Hillingsø the interest in film started early and with a lot of ambition: she has been a member of the Film Museum since she was 12 years old.
She grauated from the School of Acting at Aarhus Theatre in 1994 and has since apeared in numerous films, TV series and plays, including “Sekten”, ” Mifunes”, “Shake It All About” and “Overgaden under water”.

On television, she has starred in Ole Bornedal’s “Charlot and Charlotte”, “Nikolaj and Julie” and later success series “Rita” . On stage, among other things in “Othello” and “Privatliv” and later “Perplex” at Bellevue Theater .

Ellen has particular received a Robert for best supporting actress in the film “Sekten” in 1998.

2014 – Wikke & Rasmussen

The dynamic filmmaking duo Wikke & Rasmussen in the role of artistic leader(s)

The 2014 Odense International Film Festival will feature the dynamic filmmaking duo Wikke & Rasmussen in the role of artistic leader(s). To have two people at the helm is a festival first, but then again, there are many aspects of this year’s edition of the festival that will be more OFF than usual…



Quote Wikke & Rasmussen: “It may seem like we are turning things upside down in our films, but film is not that different from reality; reality is a splendid and many-coloured thing, and we prefer view it in the full spectrum of its colours. Why wouldn’t we? For 30 years as directors, writers and producers we have dealt with magical reality in all its shapes and forms, and we can’t wait to set loose our imagination at OFF.”




The actual names that are hidden behind the worlds famous code Wikke & Rasmussen are Michael Wikke and Steen Rasmussen. They met in Denmarks Radio in 1983 and shortly after they established production company Græsted Film & Fjernsyn with an office in Filmbyen close to Copenhagen. This fantastic duo produces, scriptwrites, instructures and plays together in many radio- and TV-productions. Tonny Toupé Show, Sonny Soufflé Chock Show, Robin Hat, Pas på varerne, Arne, Russian Pizza Blues, Motello, Hannibal and Jerry, The Flying Granny, Skymaster, A Flying Fairy Tale is only few of their unforgettable achievements as successful team! Besides films, series, radio-producions, Wikke & Rasmussen duo has also made songs together that all Danish citizens know by heart! Among others: Voldsom Volvo, Ridder Lykke, Kærlighed er godt, Brug dit hjerte som telefon, Holbæk Sangen, Jeg vil ha’ en baby, On the road to Jul, Stjernestøv.

One OFF a kind Wikke & Rasmussen duo has received many awards for their films and television productions. Their works got also rewarded two times at Danish Music Award.

Read more about Wikke & Rasmussen

2013 – Kathrine Windfeld

OFF13 Programme

As Artistic Leader for OFF13, it is Kathrine Windfeld’s stated goal that this year’s festival will have a female point of view with a pronounced focus on women both in front of and behind the camera.


Kathrine Windfeld:

The short film is a playful and open medium. It often spawns highly personal and engaging stories, and the short film is also the primary starting point for new directors.

There is, however, still an appalling lack of women in the film industry and thus a lack of films being made by and for women in today’s cinema. So this year there will be a special focus on making female film talents more visible, as well as strengthening and attracting new promising female film talents. I’m very pleased to have been given the opportunity to be contributing to create the platform for upcoming film talents, which OFF embodies. Welcome to Odense International Film Festival from a “female point of view”.


Birgitte Weinberger:

We’re really excited about this new collaboration. Kathrine Windfeld is a major capacity and we expect her to infuse this year’s film festival with lots of creative juice. Her position as a declared feminist will no doubt form the basis of many interesting focus programmes and subsequent discussions both inside and outside the cinema.

Kathrine Windfeld’s biography:

Kathrine Windfeld has directed the motion picture Hamilton – I Nationens Interesse starring Mikael Persbrandt, and Flugten starring Iben Hjejle. In addition, she also adapted Danish author Hanne-Vibeke Holst’s Crown Princess Trilogy for the screen for Swedish Television, and has directed several episodes of various television series including The Killing, Broen, Wallander and Rita.

Windfeld graduated from the National Polish Film School in Łodz. She is part of the Swedish Film Institute’s mentor arrangement, and has participated in DR2′s cultural criticism flagship programme Smagsdommerne.

2012 – Martin Strange-Hansen

OFF12 Programme

Martin-Strange-HansenMartin Strange-Hansen (1971) is a director and screenwriter. He made his directing debut in 2001 with Feeding Desire, starring Jesper Asholt, his graduating film from Den Danske Filmskole. Strange-Hansen co-wrote the manuscript for the film with Flemming Klem and based it on the short story Min kone forstår mig ikke by Finn Søeborg. Garnering much critical attention, in 2002 it was awarded a Student Academy Award (the so-called Baby-Oscar) in the category Best Foreign Film by the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. In that same year he wrote and directed the short film This Charming Man, starring Martin Buch. In 2003, This Charming Man took home an Academy Award in the Short Film category.

After the success of This Charming Man, Martin Strange-Hansen directed the full length feature Den Rette Ånd in 2005, co-written with Flemming Klem. In 2006 Strange-Hansen wrote and directed several episodes of the tv-series Nynne, and he was behind Denmark’s very first webisode in 2008: the tween-animation series Pinly & Flau. The series, based on real-life embarrassing experiences submitted by over 300 teenagers from all over Denmark, won recognition at the 2009 Webby Awards, the Oscars of the internet.

In 2010 Martin Strange-Hansen directed the children’s short film Jensen Lives Here, featuring among others Ditte Hansen and Jesper Asholt. Strange-Hansen co-wrote the manuscript with Bo Hr. Hansen. Alongside his directing career, Martin Strange-Hansen has been the chairman of Danish Film Directors since 2010.

2011 – Kaspar Munk

OFF11 Programme

Kaspar-MunkKaspar Munk (1971) won the main prize in the Children & Youth Film category at Odense International Film Festival in 2007 for his short film Forsvunden. In 2009 he served as a member of OFF’s international jury, providing him with an close familiarity with OFF and its practices that came in handy in 2011 when he continued and renewed OFF traditions as Artistic Leader alongside the festival’s regular staff.

In 2010, Kaspar Munk was awarded Danske Børne- og Ungdomsfilmklubbers annual Achievement Award for his collective short film production and for his first full length feature Hold om mig.

Hold om mig has received several international awards, including Best Debut at Rome Film Festival and Best Feature at Tallin Black Nights Film Festival. Kaspar Munk also received the prestigious Danish award ”Robert” for Hold om mig, which took home the award for Best Danish Children’s Film in 2010.

2010 – Mikkel Munch-Fals

OFF10 Programme

Mikkel-Munch-Fals_OdenseMikkel Munch-Fals (1972) is a Danish film director, screenwriter and TV personality. Mikkel Munch-Fals has an MA in Film and Media Studies from the University of Copenhagen, and has been working since 2001 for Nimbus Film as screenwriter and director. From 2002 – 2003 he worked as a satirical cartoonist at national newspaper Politiken, and in 2007 his short film Partus won ”Robert” – a Danish Oscar – in the Best Short Film category. In 2008 he started working on the national television network DR2, where he hosted the film programme DR2 Premiere to critical acclaim: later that year he was voted TV Host of the Year by Politiken’s readers.

Mikkel Munch-Fals wrote and directed the feature film Nothing’s All Bad in 2010, an emesemble film about sex and loneliness starring Bodil Jørgensen, Sebastian Jessen, Mille Hoffmeyer Lehfeldt and Henrik Prip. The film was widely disregarded by audiences and sold very few tickets, but had a successful second run at international film festivals, where it was frequently featured in the official selection.